Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting Ready for Exams

The fall semester is drawing to a close and everyone is getting ready for exams, which officially start on December 5th.

If - once you really stop and think about the sheer amount of work that needs to be done before exams - your airway tightens and your vision starts to fade, the first thing you need to do is calm down. Whatever you do, whether you're ready or not, the exams are going to happen, and you might as well be prepared. If that isn't you, then congratulations - you're halfway there! .

However you feel about getting ready to write your exams, here are a couple bits of advice to get  you started:

Check and double-check the exam schedule.
Here. Write down the exam times and room numbers and make sure you have them right. Check the times don't conflict, and that there haven't been any changes since the last time you looked. You can't rock the exam paper if you never get to it.

It's also a good idea to skim through the information they have on the web page, to make sure you have at least a vague idea of how the exam will be run and what you need to do. Besides knowing when and where to write the exam, you should also know what you need to bring and the steps you should take if you get sick or can't make it to the exam.

Sleep. Eat. Breathe.
These are surprisingly basic things that quite a few people forget about when they're stressed, but they can take you a long way. One of the best ways to be prepared for an exam is to be fully conscious and alert going into it. Pace yourself and don't forget to live while you're studying - this includes taking breaks and not depriving yourself of all human contact. Save the all-nighters for partying afterward, if you like.

Always helps, but sleep is ultimately preferable if you can get it.

Know your stuff.
Obvious, but necessary. If there's anything in the course work or instructions that you're unsure about, the best thing to do is ask: peers, T.A.s, professors - you can even flag down invigilators during your exam. Losing marks on technicalities and misinformation is frustrating, and it happens all too often. Make sure you know what you need to do, because very few people will give you the answers you need without being prompted to do so.

Make lists and prioritize.
One of the things that helps the most is giving yourself a clear idea of what you need to do. That way, you can figure out how you might be able to get them done and how long it'll take you. Try making lists for each course, breaking down each chapter and including important course concepts. They don't have to be exhaustive - all they need to do is provide you with a general sense of direction. For final exams, there's an awful lot of material to sift through, and it can become a little less daunting if you can break it down and take it one step at a time.

Don't forget about the resources available to you.
Ryerson has a variety of resources that you can take advantage of. If you have the chance, well, take advantage of them! After all, they're here for you, and you want to be as prepared as possible.

Something you can take a look at is the Learning Success Centre website - they have all sorts of resources that can help you get going and stay focused, not only for exams, but also throughout the academic year. If you're not sure where to start, check out the great tip sheets on test preparation and time management.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Hey everyone!
So I just wanted to let you in on an awesome event that will be happening next friday!
The TEDxRyersonU team has put together yet another amazing event! This one is all about women in leadership and taking a leap to become a leader yourself!
This event is for EVERYONE! There will be speakers from all over the city and some of the names are BIG names! The discussion also uses some new and exciting technology that has been developed by companies from the Digital Media Zone here at Ryerson, as well as by an outside company called Meta-Tema. You can start contributing to the conversation even now, a week before the event by going to the website and using the soapbox application!

If you can't make the event, that doesn't mean you need to miss it! The event will be streaming live on the website on the day of! You can listen and watch the event unfold AND even participate in the conversation via the soapbox application! How awesome is that!? It would be like you were right there!

Check it all out at

This is going to be Amazing!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Ryerson Folio has recently done a feature on a graduate from our very own Faculty of Arts! Alannah O'Neill, an Arts and Contemporary Studies '10 Ryerson alumnus is now working as Associate Editor of ELLE Canada Magazine.

O’Neill’s journey in the fashion world has taken her through countless experiences, including a recent trip to New York Fashion Week, where she encountered the likes of some of her fashion heroes including Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue) and Grace Coddington (Creative Director of Vogue). But besides the experience of interviewing designers and stylists (such as Pat Field), being in the blizzard of celebrities and photographers in one of the biggest fashion cities in the world reaffirmed one feeling for Alannah O’Neill: she was meant to do this.

Read the rest of the article HERE.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Arts Lounge Survey

The Arts Lounge committee is looking to do some renovations on the space in POD 349. We would like your input on what should be done! The more input we get, the more we are sure that we are catering to the needs of the students in the Faculty of Arts. The space is there for you and we want to make it as accessible and useful as possible. If you fill out our survey by November 2nd, we will take your input into consideration while making the plans for renovations.
Don’t miss this opportunity to have a say in your space!

Do the survey now!



Arteries 2012, Ryerson’s Fifth Annual Undergraduate Research Conference, is looking for enthusiastic student volunteers to assist with the planning and execution of this exciting event!

We are looking for students who wish to get involved in the following roles:
- event planning and organization
- fundraising
- internal communications
- external promotions (including social media management)
- media production
- event operations (day-of coordination)

The next meeting will be held on Friday October 28th at 3:00pm in POD 344L so come on out and be a part of this great event!


Additionally, we strongly encourage all Ryerson students to submit an essay for the conference. Entries must be at least five pages long, double-spaced, and have been written for one of the liberal studies courses administered by the Faculty of Arts. All submissions are screened through a double-blind panel composed of three senior Faculty of Arts students and three faculty members. Essay submissions are due on Friday the 18th or January.

We look forward to your involvement in the one and only undergraduate research conference at Ryerson University!

Human Rights Watch

Are you passionate about advocating for Human Rights? Are you a Global Thinker? Are you a lover of film and media? Are you looking for a way to meet cool people at Ryerson and in Toronto?

What is Human Rights Watch?
Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. By focusing international attention where human rights are violated, Human Rights Watch gives voice to the oppressed and holds oppressors accountable for their crimes. Rigorous, objective investigations and strategic, targeted advocacy build intense pressure for action and raise the cost of human rights abuse. For 30 years, Human Rights Watch has worked tenaciously to lay the legal and moral groundwork for deep-rooted change and has fought to bring greater justice and security to people around the world.

How can I get involved?
We are looking for some excited students to take a leadership role in the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival Student Committee.

You will get to meet people involved in Human Rights Watch and become a part of this global movement as well as get special discounts to attend the film screenings and other benefits.

Check out the details at and

If you would like to be involved please contact Stephan Tang, today!

Student Experiential Project Grant

Are you interested in leading a project or activity?
Want to travel to volunteer?
Have a great idea and need funds to make it happen?
Want to support your group project?
Will your activity or project provide you with experiential learning, learning outside of your classroom?
Will your project benefit the Faculty of Arts, Ryerson community and you?


The Faculty of Arts wants to support you by providing grants of up to

for your project or activity.

Carefully read through the Faculty of Arts Student Project Grant website at for all the details including the eligibility requirements, application and selection process.

To learn more about what types of projects have been funded in the past please check out the Past Recipients section at

Student Project Grants provide financial support for student-initiated extra-curricular projects and activities that promote experiential learning and benefit student engagement in the Faculty of Arts. (Some examples include: planning or attending a conference; community-building projects; cultural activities; travel for a specified educational purpose or activity; creative/performance art events and activities, etc.) All else being equal, projects that benefit more students will be given priority over projects that benefit fewer students. Normally, priority will be given to students who have not previously received an award.

Also feel free to contact your Student Life Coordinator, Stephan Tang at or call him at 416-979-5000 ext 2124 if you have any questions or concerns about the grant or application process.

Applications are due soon, no later than 4:00pm on Friday October 21st 2011, so submit your application today.






Nexos Voluntarios is a non-profit organization promoted by the Inter-American Development Bank. With the support of foreign and local volunteers, as well as different national and international organizations, we work in projects related to development in the province of Urubamba, Cuzco, Peru.
NeVo aims to strengthen multilateral relations between Latin America and the Northern Hemisphere through the participation of university student volunteers from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom in a wide variety of development projects in Peru. Its projects are focused in the town of Urubamba and include: a campaign against racism and discrimination, community development in Media Luna, teaching English, and our UNFPA reproductive health program. In return for your volunteers’ service, it offers you a meaningful learning experience abroad and a balance of cultural interaction, service work, and strengthening of their Spanish language and professional capacities. Please find a more detailed description of Nexos Voluntarios on our website,

Please join us for an hour to talk about opportunities that will build your SKILLS as well as your RESUME.

And REFRESHMENTS are on us :)
This message is for your information only! Please be aware that this organization is not affiliated with, or working through, Ryerson University in any capacity.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fighting the Seasonal Bug

Hello Arts Students!
I hope everyone is staying dry and warm in this crazy fall weather we are having!
I apologize for not writing recently but I have been held down by the Seasonal Bug!
Apparently a ton of people have been getting sick lately. It probably has to do with the changing seasons and the crazy weather.
So, I advise all of you to stay healthy! Mid terms are underway and no one needs to be feeling under the weather while they spend countless hours studying!
So here are my tips for staying healthy...

1. Dress for the weather!
This can be hard seeing as the weather has been changing every other day in the past two weeks, but just because it was warm yesterday does not mean it will be warm today. Check the weather before going outside and make sure you are dressed to match!

2. Eat well.
Studying can be stressful and you can often feel like making a good meal is just too much work, but it is worth it! Try to maintain a healthy diet and it will go far!

3. Get enough sleep!
Students often overlook sleep, especially the night before a midterm. DON"T DO IT! Getting that 8 hours of sleep (or however many your body needs) is crucial to staying healthy AND for performing your best on tests.

4. Exercise.
Make some time in your busy schedule for a work-out. Keeping active helps your immune system AND gets you in better shape!

5. Time Management.
If you manage your time well, you will be less stressed out. If you are less stressed out you will sleep better and will feel less like you have no time for excercise and eating well. Keeping a low stress level is key to your seasonal cold survival! Make sure you take time to relax and take care of yourself every day.

6. Wash your hands.
If you wash your hands often it is less likely that you will pick up the cold. When you touch things that others have touched and then touch your face, you are more likely to get what others have. If you wash your hands often, you can avoid this as much as possible.

If you do these 6 things, you will have a much lower chance of getting the seasonal bug.
For those of you who already have it... Go to the doctors! Doctors are getting lots of people coming in with the same thing right now and will know how to help you out. Also, get a lot of sleep. The more sleep you get, the faster your body can fight off the cold! Drink lots of liquids and follow the other pointers I gave above as well.

I hope you all are feeling great and that you don't even need this information, but giving it out can't hurt. I wish you all a great midterm time and happy studying!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lots to do!

Hello Everyone!
The Hard Rock Cafe Event went SO well! we had tons of people there and the dance floor was packed! Way to show your Spirit!
Now that that event is over, we have some more exciting things for you to do!
First we have the...

Student Involvement Fair!
Come to the Involvement Fair to learn about exciting opportunities available for Faculty of Arts students. You will be presented with opportunities from all areas of interest to volunteer, gain valuable experience, develop career and leadership based skills, orient yourself at Ryerson and get INVOLVED!
Meet representatives from many services, student groups and course unions that are all related to the Faculty of Arts.
Date: Monday October 3rd, 2011
Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm
Location: 3rd floor of Podium Building

For details, contact Stephan at or Avala at

Next is the...
Deadliine for the first year Enrollment and Orientation Surveys!
For those of you that attended the Faculty of Arts Enrolment Workshops on Tuesday August 16th and the Faculty of Arts Orientation on Tuesday August 30th, you will recall that Stephan said that you would have an opportunity to win a $50 Gift Certificate to the Ryerson Bookstore.
Well here is your chance!
We are hoping to get your feedback about the events and activities that took place on those days. Please complete the short anonymous surveys by clicking on the links below by Friday October 14th 2011 at 4:00pm.
At the end of the survey you will be asked to email Stephan at with a SECRET WORD in the subject line in order to be eligible to win one of the $50 Gift Certificates to the Ryerson Bookstore!

Faculty of Arts Enrolment Workshop Survey:

Faculty of Arts Orientation Survey:

Last but not least...
The Student Project Grant!

Competitive Grants of up to $1500 available for all FACULTY OF ARTS Undergraduate students.
The Faculty of Arts Student Project Grants provide financial support for student-initiated extra-curricular projects and activities that promote experiential learning and student engagement in the Faculty of Arts.
Previous recipients have included:
T.O. 2 RIO - Jerome Morgan, Psychology
Iranian New Year - Azar Masoumi, Sociology
Students for Fair Vote - Sarah Lambert, ACS
Rwandan Literacy Program - Chuck Howard, ICON
Contact Stephan:, POD 344 M

So, Check it all out! It's all there for you after all. :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hard Rock Party!

Hello again everyone,

I know I've told you about this before, but I wanted to remind you so that you don't miss out!

The Hard Rock Cafe Party is TONIGHT!

The doors open at 6pm and we will keep the party going until 2am!

Word of the event has been spreading throughout the campus to all faculties. Info is up on Facebook, Twitter, posters around the campus. I've even heard people just getting texts from their friends about this event, so it promises to be a good time.

There is a little bonus for the first 60 people to get there too!

There will be areas where you can just sit with friends and grab a bite to eat.

There will also be a dance floor and DJ so you can dance the night away!

Wristbands will be in effect which allows for students of all ages to attend!

It's going to be awesome!

I hope to see you all there! If you're there, come and say hi!



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to the Grind

Hello everyone,
Oh, How i've missed you!
The past few weeks have been hectic with the wind down from Orientation.

Orientation = SUCCESS by the way...

I hope everyone had a great time at their academic orientation day as well as throughout the week. Ryerson did succeed in breaking a world record, so Hurray Ryerson! :)
The Parade and Picnic was another great event. Thanks to the RSU for that one! Dragonette was amazing!

But after all the hussle and bussle, it is time to get back to work. School is back everyone and that means readings and essays and studying! But we don't want you to think that that is the only thing that University has to offer.

We've got clubs and events and all sorts of great things you can get involved in (including this blog if you like). All you've got to do is keep your eyes open for opportunities.

The first big event will be held THIS THURSDAY (Sept. 22nd) at the Hard Rock Cafe.
The Faculty of Arts Course Unions (all of them) are hosting a WELCOME BACK BASH!!!
It's going to be awesome!
If you would like to go, just show up. It's that easy. They have rented out the top floor lounge and dance floor and there will be a special menu for Ryerson Students. It's an all ages event AND students from ALL faculties can attend!
Tell all your friends about it and come out for an awesome night!
The doors open at 6:00pm and the event ends at 2:00am.

I hope to see you there!
Check the event out on Facebook too...!/event.php?eid=190350967703020


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Enrolment Workshops = Success!

Hello Everyone!
It has been awhile since I last blogged about anything. Sorry about that. It's just been super hectic here in the Faculty of Arts. On Tuesday of this week we had the Enrolment Workshops for first year students in the faculty. We had been planning for that event all summer and it went very well!
I'm going to call it a SUCCESS!!

It was awesome to see all of you first year students out, as well as your friends and families. Our volunteers reported back saying that they had an amazing time meeting all of you and that they are SUPER excited to see you all again at Orientation! I hope that everyone managed to make a few friends and contacts at the event.

We really want everyone to come back again for Orientation! Orientation takes place on August 30th (that's a Tuesday) and it will begin at 9:30am! There will be all sorts of fun stuff going on like games, free food, a hypnotist show, etc, etc. You'll get a bunch of free stuff if you're a new student, which is always good! We've got free stuff from many of the student services on campus as well as from Z-Teca! WOOO HOOO! Sound good?


Volunteers are getting geared up for the event and are really excited about seeing you all there! It's going to be awesome! :)

So, In conclusion to this short blog... I want to say thank you to everyone who came out to Enrolment and made it a HUGE SUCCESS!
Then I want to extend an invitation to everyone to attend the Faculty of Arts ORIENTATION 2011!
Hope to see all you wonderful people there!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get Ready for Arteries!

Hello Everyone,
This is something that might interest a few of you out there. Arteries is an undergraduate Research Conference and presents an opportunity for students to submit an academic paper and present it to an audience of peers and faculty members.
Catherine Melo, A student here at Ryerson who has worked on Arteries for a few years now, describes the conference by saying,

"The purpose of Arteries is to promote undergraduate research within the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson. The conference aims to encourage the sharing of ideas and research within and across disciplines, because it is open to any Ryerson undergraduate student. Aimed at promoting academic excellence, integrity and commitment, the conference will serve to facilitate students’ personal and academic development. By inviting students to become active members in the campus community of scholars, the conference will contribute to the creation of a richer campus culture."

Although some might feel as though research papers are not that exciting, I would personally like to say, you couln't be more wrong! I attended the conference last year and found it to be one of the better events I had been to at Ryerson. It is amazing to see your peers presenting such insightful information in such a personal way. I met new interesting people and learned a lot. I highly encourage you to participate in this event this year, whether that means submitting a paper for consideration, or just going to one of the presentations on the day of. This event is a can't miss event!

Check out the website from last year to learn a bit more.

When this years' website is up, I will put the website up on the blog as well. The tentative date for the event this coming school year is Friday March 2nd. Keep an eye out for posters and e-mails about this event!

Hope your summer is going well!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten Quotes to Inspire and Motivate

So here we are, getting ready to move into the busy month of August. Many students are taking the roles of leaders and volunteers this summer to help first year students get well acquainted with their new campus. These students will have a great impact on many people and may inspire first year students to take part in new activities, programs and student groups while they attend University.
So, whether you are a student leader/volunteer, a new enthusiastic student, or someone who is just heading towards a goal in life, I thought i'd put together a couple of quotes that might inspire, motivate or just edge you in a new direction.

1) Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
Leon J. Suenes

2) The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao Tzu

3) Lots of things that couldn't be done have been done.
Charles Auston Bates

4) Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.
William Shakespeare

5) Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
Thomas Jefferson

6) If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
John Quincy Adams

7) The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.
Arthur C. Clarke

8) Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do.
Orison Swett Marden

9) Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

10) What chance gathers she easily scatters. A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together.
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

If you have any other inspiring quotes, please share them via commenting on this blog post or on our facebook page.!/groups/174892969236264/?ap=1

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Important Faculty of Arts Dates

Hello everyone,
So whether you are an Orientation/Enrollment Volunteer or a new Ryerson Student, you're probably wondering when everything is happening. Due to the amount of e-mails i've been getting asking about these things, I decided that I would make all of the dates available to you via the blog.

So here it goes...

Thursday August 4th, Volunteers will take part in a phone-a-thon

Tuesday August 9th, Enrollment Volunteer Training - 6-8pm (please RSVP if attending)

Thursday August 11th, Enrollment Volunteer Training - 4 - 6pm (please RSVP if attending)

Saturday August 13th - Sunday August 14th - ROC Training (Manditory for ROCs and optional for Arts Volunteers - Please RSVP is attending)

Tuesday August 16th - Enrollment Workshops for new students (Please RSVP if attending)

Thursday August 18th - Orientation Volunteers Training - 6-8pm (please RSVP is attending)

Tuesday August 23rd - Orientation Volunteers Traning - 6-8pm (please RSVP if attending)

Monday August 29th - Campus Wide Orientation Begins

Tuesday August 30th - Faculty of Arts Orientation (ALL NEW FACULTY OF ARTS STUDENTS ATTEND!)

And that's it folks. If you need to RSVP for any of the listed events, please do so to

For more information for NEW STUDENTS, please visit this website!

This should give you all the info that you need to have an organized and successful orientation month!

We are all looking forward to seeing everyone at these events!
See you soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Open Letter to the Future

Hello future Ryerson Arts Alumni,

With that greeting, I've already made a number of assumptions about you and your future; that you'll stay in the faculty of arts for one, that "Ryerson" will be written somewhere on your degree for another.

As incoming students, the future is a big topic of conversation for you; after all, you’re on the cusp of entering a whole new phase of your life. Things are going to change and you're going to change along with it. The expectations placed upon you are bigger than they were in the past, but that's all in line with your new roles, University Students. You're probably anxious, maybe even scared. Don't be, millions have been in this same position, I was, roughly three years ago.

But it’s that fear that is most likely the reason why you're reading this blog, trying to get as much information about the school you'll be attending for the foreseeable future, not in the classrooms but everything else.

In that act though you've already taken the first step in getting the most out of your university career, getting involved.

It's quite possible that I'm preaching to the choir here, you may very well be the type who was already quite involved in your high school, achieving a well rounded resume of activity and participation.

If you are that person, then I can tell you very little, except don't let the ivory towers intimidate you and continue what you've been doing up to this point. Continue to be a keener.

But, I will also say that I have no idea what that experience is like, because as involved as I am now I wasn't in the past, not in high school and not in my first years of university.

I didn't see the point in participating, I'd much rather hangout with my friends instead of working for free for some group or organization. I failed to see what was in it for me. I soon discovered quite a lot.

The Work

Currently, I'm in charge of the online presents for the "Student Group of the Year", Students in Free Entrepreneurship (SIFE). This essentially means running twitter and Facebook updates as a means of interacting with our community, but also creating actual content, such as articles and blogs.

Before then I served as Marketing Coordinator for a branching program of SIFE, StartMeUp Ryerson, which helps to launch business for entrepreneurs. Essentially I facilitated communication between the two sides and tried to keep the bureaucracy down to a minimum.

I also had the opportunity to be a lead Marketing Coordinator on a series of seminars that provided entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to be successful. This meant finding an audience, targeting them and creating the marketing materials.

If you’re confused why a business student is writing to Faculty of Arts students, don't be, I've only taken two business classes my whole University career. I'm a proud Sociology Student who's simply chosen to get, as you guessed, involved.
But I've been active in the Arts community as well.

It's quite possible that although you've never seen my face before, you've already heard my voice, as I was one of a handful of students who called your home’s a few months back to find out if you have any questions about Ryerson.

When International Student Services (ISS) was looking for a group of students to investigate why their students had a higher dropout rate then the rest of the school, me and a group of students created, implemented and analyzed a survey that we then presented in front of the faculty.

And when the new school year begins I hope that I'll be the one providing support for all the second year sociology students who will take their first steps in learning statistics.

Between all of those things, I still found time to serve on the Sociology course union and even joined the Vietnamese Student Association of Ryerson (VSAR).

What I’ve gotten out of my extracurricular activity is exactly what I assumed I would when I finally decided to get active, experiences, skills and people.


I can look back at just this past year and see that the things I’ve participated in are by far the things I will remember when I graduate. Not because they make me stand out as a student, which they do, but because they are completely unique to me. At the end of the day the classes, readings and exams everyone will experience, but what makes university so great is everything out side of that.

Likewise, the same can be said about my skill set, it has expanded exponentially since I’ve become more involved. As a student, you’ll learn how to write an essay, how to study, how to research and half a dozen other skills, but few are transferable to the work place. Getting involved has allowed me to learn plenty of soft and hard skills that I can point to during any interview.

Most importantly though, through it all I met and got to know a wide range of people that at this point couldn’t imagine my life without. These people with their own skill sets, experiences and aspirations serve not only as my friends, but mentors too. Believe me when I say it’s not what you know, but who you know.


Thankfully getting involved isn't all that difficult; there are tons of student groups and all of them are desperate for new members every year. There are also new groups coming out of the wood work all the time. Not only do they want to replace all the students who have graduated or left, but they also want to expand and get fresh ideas from fresh faces.

There will be plenty of opportunities to talk one on one with seasoned students about getting involved at Ryerson during Orientation week, but that’s at least a month away, until then here are some things to take a look at and think about.

First here's a list of all the student groups. Take a look through them and see if anything peaks your interest. The contact information is right there as well. &

Second, it's a really good idea to join your course union, not only will you be able to impact your specific program you'll also meet a great number of students in that program.
Lastly, if you are ever unsure visit Stephan at POD 344M. He'll be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to anything related to campus life. You can also email him at
There are opportunities of a life time are right in front of you, all you need to do is taking advantage of them.

Written by Piotr Makuch @pmakuch

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things To Do In The Last Half Of Summer

Hello all of you Arts Enthusiasts!

Summer is half way over already! How terrible! It seems like only yersterday we were finishing up our exams and looking forward to the long summer ahead. I don't know about you, but the time has seemed to fly by for me. Sometimes I feel like I haven't done anything! So, in response to this feeling, I have decided to make the most of the second half of summer. My July and August are full of camping trips, birthday parties, cottage weekends, day trips and festivals. I have made sure that not one weekend goes to waste!

For all of you who feel like you need to come up with some fun stuff to do for the second half of summer, but don't know what, let me give you some ideas!

1) Go camping! There are TONS of national parks and camping areas in Ontario. Some are close, some are farther away. I go to Algonquin Park every year for a wilderness canoe trip. When I'm there this year I'll be going on a route where I will see waterfalls and canyons and hopefully some moose and other wildlife. Also, there's nothing quite like sitting around a quiet campfire, talking it up with friends while wolves howl in the background.

2) Head to the beach! Even though Lake Ontario is super cold, the beach is a great place to just get together with friends and enjoy the summer weather! Bring a frisbee or a football and have some good old fashioned fun outdoors. The best part about the beaches is that they are close by and cost NOTHING!

3) Check out Richmond Street and the Entertainment District! From Wednesday-Saturday the clubs are open and tons of people are out to have a good time while moving to the beats of a good tune! During the summer the entertainment district is a fun place to go becuase you don't freeze while waiting in line ups and the overall experience starts off much more pleasantly.

4) Hang out at Dundas Square! Dundas Square has so many different events going on all the time! Even when there is nothing really planned, almost every night there is a concert or busker performance. It's also a nice place to just hang out with friends and enjoy an ice cream cone or something while taking in city life.

5) For more excellent suggestions, check out this website...

It has lots of GREAT suggestions for fun, FREE things to do in the summer months!

Get out there and have some fun! School starts back up in a few months and we've only got that long to make out summers count for something!

Happy Summer!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Student Group at Ryerson!

The new Ryerson student group "Stop Impaired Driving Student Association" (SIDSA) is seeking additional members, including motivated students interested in becoming candidates for executive positions.

The objective of this student organization is to raise awareness within Ryerson University about the dangers of driving while impaired by alcohol and/or other drugs. Since death and injuries as results of impaired driving are preventable, SIDSA reinforces the importance of safe and sober driving, contributing to road safety.

SIDSA membership is open to all students, staff, faculty and alumni of Ryerson University. This is a great way to potentially save lives and get involved in the Ryerson community.
If interested please contact

By Jay Weichel

Monday, June 27, 2011

Meaningful Movies

Hello Art of Life Readers,
The past week or so has been super hectic! There was a lot happening on campus (what with CACUSS going on and such) and I was getting worn out. This weekend that just passed was my time to recharge. Sometimes we all need to just take a break and not do work, so that's what I did.

In my relaxation, I decided to go see a movie. I like to do that alone sometimes. It allows me to totally submerse myself in the experience instead of thinking about the other people I am there with. I went to see "The Art of Getting By" with Freddie Highmore. AMAZING!

This movie is one of those feel good, motivational movies that leaves you in an inspired trance when you leave. All I could think of when I left that theatre was how I needed to go out and buy myself a studio easle and start painting. It totally moved me!

The story, without ruining anything for you, is about a nihilistic teenager who finds meaning in life through art and love. The camera angles and the lighting are so interesting and the acting, in my opinion, is great, especially on Freddie's part. The kid is only 19 years old and he somehow manages to portray a character that communicates on an emotional level with his audience! Brilliant!

So, in light of this movie and the experience I had with it... I highly encourage you all to go see it aswell!

Here are some of my other top inspired, feel good movies...(half of which have Freddie Highmore in them)

1)The Art of Getting by - Freddie Highmore
2)Finding Neverland - with Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore
3)Avatar - Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver
4)August Rush - Freddie Highmore and Robin Williams
5)The Persuit of Happiness - Will and Jaden Smith
6)7 pounds - Will smith

Comment if you have any others to add to the list!:)

Happy Summer Movie Watching!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Communication Confusion

Hello everyone,
So in the past few days I have been looking into how to better communicate with YOU! It is interesting that while sitting in an office, alone, at a desk and while saying nothing at all, I am socializing with a number of people all at once. At times I am baffled by that.

I have been in meetings and on the web and have talked to other people who know more about this stuff then I do, and it is amazing the changes that are happening in the social media world! I was under the impression that Facebook was the way of our generation, but turns out, Twitter and blogs and websites are JUST as important. Which do you prefer? (make a comment below and let me know how you like to be communicated with! I can cater to your needs!)

I've got Facebook, Twitter, a website and this blog. Out of those 4 methods of communication, which of them is the best for you?

ps. If you're interested in learning more about the Facebook decline... see this link.

Friday, June 10, 2011


June 7, 2011

Hello almost-first years! This is such an exciting and nerve-racking time,trust me, I know. It seems like only yesterday I was venturing towards my first year of excitement (not that second year isn't exciting, but you'll soon understand what I mean). I don't know about you, but starting university seemed like a massive step (more like a leap)! High-school is oh-so-yesterday and it's time to start growing up, becoming more independant, study like you've never studied before and meet so many new people!

After successfully completing first year, I have come up with 5 key tips and tricks to have a smooth transition from high school to university life.

(1) Check out your classes before hand - and not just once!
Trust me; knowing where you will be going on your first day is crucial. There are tons of people and there are still events going on around campus for the Week of Welcome. If you know your way around ahead of time you will be far less stressed about getting to your classes on time - and of course, getting to the right room. It is also helpful to make a couple trips out to your classes. Get familiar with routes, Starbucks locations (haha) and all the campus bookstores. Not to mention your go-to destinations such as the library, the caf (or the "Hub" as we like to call it) and of course the Student Campus Centre on Gould Street.

(2) Don't be afriad of Professors! They ARE there to help.
I know a lot of people in high school may have told you that "your professors don't care" or "they don't talk to students outside of class". Those kinds of things were definitely the stigma in my high school. But, if you need help or just want to discuss the lecture that just passed or the one coming up next week, - GO! They have office hours for a reason and are more then happy to hear from you! Of course, it's not manditory, but definitly a good idea. Plus, it shows you really care about what you're learning about!

(3) Go to the events. Seriously, go.
Not only are they fun, they are a great way to get involved within your school community! The Ryerson Students' Union (RSU) holds many innovative events year round. If you are a communter, like I was, then you definitely want to check these out! It provides the opportunity to meet new people and have a blast while doing it!

(4) Attend you classes (even the tutorials).
I know, I know, this sounds pretty basic... obviously you are going to go to classes and tutorials. But you will see how much that 'independance' thing may get to you. You no longer have Mom and Dad making you go to school everyday (well, maybe...) but you don't have secretaries telling you to sit down by the VP's office becasue this is your 10th late slip or 10th skip. Missing lectures and tutorials will show in your marks, and if your GPA isn't high enough, you don't have Mom and Dad to bail you out of trouble. You get kicked out, simple as that. You're paying for it - so make the effort to do well and succeed!

(5) Time Management.
This is crucial! If there is something you take away from this, it should be that time management is a MASSIVE part of your education. Not only will you have more work to do, but you have to do it all on your own time. You don't get time during class to read the chapter that is being taught in the lecture you are currently in. You need to complete the readings beforehand and afterwards! They aren't all boring either, so get into what you're learning about! Like I said above, you are paying for it! You might as well enjoy it.

Hopefully the list above is enough to get your foot in the door (so to speak) for universtiy life. This is going to be a brand new and thrilling time in your life, so enjoy! Have fun and study hard! See you on campus!


2nd year, Arts and Contemporary Studies

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Avala Moore and I am the Student Life Assistant in the Faculty of Arts.
This summer I am working in the Student Experience Centre and am helping to plan the Faculty of Arts Enrolment Workshops as well as Orientation! In addition to those big jobs, I am also your new blogger.

Throughout the summer I will be updating you on what is going on on campus (yes, things happen in the summer!) as well as things going on downtown. I might even throw in some extra useful tidbits about saving money, making friends in the new school year, how to volunteer, etc, etc.

For any of you enthusiastic Arts students out there who are feeling the creative itch and want to contribute to the Blog, Sent me your stuff!!! you can reach me at and I am more then happy to help you get started on your blogging adventure. If you want to blog but you have no idea what you would write about, let me just give you a few ideas to start off with...

You could write about...
- a welcome to new students (this is nice if you are part of a course union)
- events that are being planned for the upcoming year, or that are happening during the summer
- tips for university life
- stories about your time in Uni.
- things you like about Ryerson
- what you are up to this summer as an arts student
- cool events that are going on downtown
- who to know at Ryerson
- best restaurants near campus
- reviews of restaurants or movies or shows
- you can send in Vlogs
- your thoughts...
- etc

This is by no means an exhausted list of ideas, I could go on and on. That makes the blogging process even more fun! you can give it your own creative spin!

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy my updates throughout the summer. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To those who are interested...

Hello to all of you Faculty of Arts enthusiasts,
It is a new season, and with a new season comes a new set of exciting ways to get involved in your university community. This particular time brings people together to greet new students to Ryerson. It's time to think about ENROLLMENT & ORIENTATION!

This years' Student Life Team is putting together a team of students who will take part in some training and social events in order to form the new squadron of Arts Leaders. Details are not all set in stone but the Planning Committee is meeting this week and from that point on, Forward Motion!

We are still looking for Volunteers if you are interested. If so, just send an e-mail over to and I will hook you up with all the info you need!
Thanks for your interest and keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

For all of you new incoming students out there... University is the time of your life and we are working hard to make your first encounter a pleasent one, and by pleasent what I really mean is, AMAZING!!! :)
So keep a look out for any information on Enrollment and Orientation because that is the perfect time for you to meet like-minded people and get to know your school and the people who will make your time in school worth while. You can find more updates (for new students) on Facebook if you search "Ryerson Faculty of Arts Frosh". When you find it, just request to join and you will be able to communicate with your new peers! Hurray for Internet Technologies!

Alright, well, keep an eye open for new blog posts and other updates for the upcoming Orientation season! Should be an awesome one!
Avala Moore
Student Life Assistant.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Lecture Series: Explore. Dream. Discover!

The Faculty of Arts Student Experience Centre cordially invites you to Explore. Dream. Discover! featuring Professor Stuart Murray, an event for graduating students in the Faculty of Arts.

Monday, March 18, 2011 @ 4:30pm in the Thomas Lounge of Oakham House

Join your fellow Graduating Class of 2011 for this capstone event as we celebrate your accomplishments, reflect on your experience at Ryerson and participate in a symbolic Last Lecture given by Associate Professor of Rhetoric in the Department of English at Ryerson University, Dr. Stuart Murray. We will begin with a light reception with your peers, staff and faculty followed by the Last Lecture.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain Please

R.S.V.P. by Friday April 15th to Stephan Tang at

If you require any accommodation please inform Stephan Tang when you R.S.V.P.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Quick Recap

This has been one of the busiest and most exciting semesters in the Faculty of Arts. I hope you've had a chance to take advantage of the amazing events and opportunities that have been offered thus far. But if you've been too busy slogging through countless readings and churning out essays, here's a recap of what you've missed:

On February 5th first and second year Faculty of Arts students participated in "Oh the Places You'll Go!" the first annual Faculty of Arts Student Leadership Conference. Attendees had the opportunity to explore different leadership types, learn about the ins and outs of planning a successful event, discover their own leadership style and skills and network with groups from across campus to learn about how they can get more involved with student life. As a special treat, a special guest and future Ryerson student performed a traditional opening and closing as part of the festivities. If you missed out this year, be sure to sign up when the time comes around next year.

March 4th marked the fourth annual Arteries Undergraduate Research Conference at Ryerson. This special event is hosted by the Faculty of Arts and gives undergraduate students to share their research with their peers, faculty and other . This is a unique opportunity that allows students to gain experience at an academic conference as part of their undergraduate studies. This year 13 students presented their papers after being selected by a blind panel composed of three upper-level students and three faculty members. Congratulations to all of the presenters and a big thank you to the organizing committee for their tireless efforts in putting on this event!

The second annual Faculty of Arts Live Library took place on March 14 organized by Faculty of Arts Career Counsellor, Sonny Wong. This event gives the students to check out live "books" who are professionals working in industries of interest to Arts students. During their 20 minute session with the book, students have the opportunity to find out more about what they must do achieve the careers they desire or even just to get a better understanding of what fields might be a good fit for them. This is an incredibly unique opportunity and is a must-attend event for any Arts student who is unsure about their career path or just isn't quite sure how to get there (and I think that's pretty much all of us, right?)

On March 15 the inaugural iMade My Mark Expo recognized Faculty of Arts students who are making their mark at Ryerson, in local Toronto communities or internationally through the volunteer initiatives they are involved with. A joint effort between the Tri-Mentoring Program and Faculty of Arts Student Experience Centre this event demonstrated the profound impact that students can have when they take the knowledge they have learned in the classroom and apply it to making the world a better place. Congratulations to all of the students who were recognized and thank you for all of the hard work you do.

On March 17 Discover Ryerson hosted thousands of high school students who have applied to start . Faculty of Arts representatives helped welcome these students to campus, answered questions about student life and their respective programs and helped them find their way around. It was so energizing to feel all of their excitement and remember our own early days as prospective university students. Thank you so much to all of our wonderful volunteers, you truly made a lasting impression on the students you talked to; you will always be a part of their educational journey.

With only a few weeks left of classes things are as busy as ever so stay tuned for info on all of the exciting events that are yet to come!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Have you got your tickets yet?

(a film still from The Green Wave which will be playing at this year's International Human Rights Watch Film Festival in Toronto)

Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. By focusing international attention where human rights are violated, theye give voice to the oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes. Their rigorous, objective investigations and strategic, targeted advocacy build intense pressure for action and raise the cost of human rights abuse. For 30 years, Human Rights Watch has worked tenaciously to lay the legal and moral groundwork for deep-rooted change and has fought to bring greater justice and security to people around the world.

Each year, Human Rights Watch host an International Human Rights Watch Film Festival which travels to all corners of the world, including Toronto. The festival highlights the work of the organization by bringing to the forefront issues of human rights abuses qround the world.

Film is a great medium in which these issues can be discussed provides a forum for which we can all become aware.

This year's festival will showcase an array of amazing films that cover issues from the Green Revolution in Iran (The Green Wave) to the case of Omar Khadr, a 25-year old Canadian citizen who has been in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp since he was only 14 (You Don't Like the Truth), as well as many, many others.

Student representatives from the Ryerson Human Rights Watch Film Festival Commitee will be selling discounted $5 tickets for students in the Credit Union Lounge so be sure to check out this year's festival schedule and pick up tickets at this fabulous discounted rate while you still can.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Arteries 2011 Presenters Selected

Sorry for my absense... the Student Life Team has been busy hosting a leadership conference for lower-level Faculty of Arts students and planning lots of other exciting opportunities for the rest of the semester. But I'm back and will do my best to start blogging regularly again.

After being carefully reviewed by a panel of 3 faculty members and 3 students, the papers for the 2011 Arteries Undergraduate Research Conference. You can read the paper abstracts as well as bios of the presenters on the Arteries website now. Check them out and start planning which ones you're going to watch on March 4th because remember, Arteries is a drop-in event so you can attend only those papers that match your schedule and interests.

Arteries 2011
When: Friday, March 4th from 10am-6:00pm, followed by a reception
Where: Oakham House, Thomas Lounge and Room A/B
Free admission.
Lunch is provided.
Open to everyone (so bring your non-Ryerson friends)
A schedule will be posted shortly.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cooking on a student budget

Check out this great site that features student-budget-friendly recipes. Users can rate the recipes they've tried and leave comments about the results. The site even has a feature where you can type in the ingredients you have on hand in order to find a recipe that uses them. Check it out at

Cooking at home is so much less expensive than eating out and if you save the leftovers you'll always have healthy lunches to bring to class. Don't forget, there are microwaves in the Hub that you can use to heat 'em up. And check out the Dollarama in College Park for great deals on glass carrying containers so you're not wasting money on disposable plastic stuff that's bad for the environment.

Do you have a favourite recipe that you like to make when you're low on funds? Wouldn't a Faculty of Arts cookbook be fun?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Group Buys

I'm on a roll with the money-saving tips these days, so why stop now? Today I want to talk to you about group buy sites. They've become quite trendy over the past few months so you may already know about all the deals these sites can bring you but if not, read on!

The idea of a "group buy" deal is that by having a certain number of people commit to buying product or service they all get a huge discount (usually over 50%). The sites that are operating now allow you to subscribe in order to get e-mailed about a daily deal in your city. You have a limited number of time to purchase the deal (usually 24 hours) and after that period of time you are able to access your deal, which normally expires in 3-6 months.

Through these sites I have gotten 50% of organic groceries, 20 yoga classes for $20 and a harbour cruise of NYC for 60% off (that's another tip, if you're going on vacation remember to subscribe to the deals for that city).
Want to start saving the big bucks too? Here are the group buy sites I currently subscribe to:

With all these great deals being sent to my inbox every morning, the trick becomes deciding when to pass and when I really need to buy-in. ;)
Know of another group buy site operating in Toronto? Let me know at as it really is becoming quite the addiction!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Free film screenings on Tuesday nights

As you know, I'm always on the lookout to save myself, and consequently you, money whenever I can. So I was excited to hear about the PWYC documentary screenings being held on Tuesday evenings at Soybomb. The best part? What little money I can afford to give them goes to support a good cause (okay "good" being relative to where your politcal loyalties lie)!

Every Tuesday two documentaries are screened starting at 8:00pm in the Soybomb HQ (156 Bathurst St.). The screenings are a Pay-What-You-Can admission and all proceeds go to support the G20 Legal Defense Fund. The documentaries screened often have a social justice orientation and address a range of issues from the environment to D.I.Y. culture.

You can keep up to date about what documentaries are being screened by joining their Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=117635874952714&v=info

And if you catch a doc that you really love (or loathe!), consider submitting a review to this here humble blog by e-mailing your thoughts to :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogger meeting today!

Whether you're considering a career in journalism, want to tighten up your writing skills or are just looking for a fun way to get more involved with the Faculty of Arts, come out to today's meeting and consider joining the Student Life Blogging Team!

When: TODAY! Friday, January 21st
Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm
Where: POD 344-L (in the Student Experience Centre)

If you're not able to make it but are still interested in getting involved, e-mail me at:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

1st Annual Faculty of Arts Leadership Conference: 1st and 2nd years students only

Oh the Places You'll Go!
1st Annual Faculty of Arts Student Leadership Conference

When: Saturday, February 5 · 9:30am - 4:30pm
Where: HUB Cafeteria

What: This exciting full-day conference is open to 1st and 2nd year students in the Faculty of Arts. Participants will have the opportunity to listen to amazing keynote speakers as well as to take part in several exciting workshops by selecting the topics that most interest them. The workshops will be designed to teach you about leadership and the different kinds of leaders, as well as help you gain the knowledge about yourself and develop the skills that you need in order to be an effective leader.

“Oh the Places You’ll Go” is a must-attend event for any student interested in getting more involved on campus, whether it be within your course union, student services or a student group, as well as those who are interested in social change, community building and anyone who plans on taking on a leadership position in their future career. Even if you are already involved, this conference will help you be a more effective leader in the positions you already have. Everyone has the capacity to be a leader and leadership can come in many forms. This conference will help you learn about what type of leader you are as well as how to develop and apply your skills in order to be the best leader you can be.

Representatives from Faculty of Arts course unions and various student groups will be available so in addition to the knowledge you’ll gain and the skills you’ll develop, this will be a great networking opportunity for anyone looking to get more involved on campus.

Lunch will be provided.

Limited spaces will be available so be sure to reserve your spot early.

For more information contact Student Life Coordinator Stephan Tang,, 416.479.5000 ext. 2124, or visit him in POD 344-M.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Switch it Up: a day of free anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia workshops

Reserve a spot to attend Switch it Up, a day of free anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia workshops, taking place:

Monday, January 31
Hart House, University of Toronto St. George (downtown) campus 10:00am to 4:30pm.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided to participants. The workshops are hosted by the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario and the LGBT Youth Line ( ) and are open to allies.

As well, registration is now open for the Canadian University Queer Services Conference (CUQSC). The Conference is taking place in downtown Toronto, from Thursday January 27 to Sunday January 30.

To register for BOTH or either of the CUQSC or Switch it Up, please fill out the registration form hosted on the CUQSC website: .

Please note that while there is a registration fee for the CUQSC, the Switch it Up workshops are free, but space is limited so reserve space promptly. If you wish to only register for Switch it Up, please indicate this on the form, or notify Denise Hammond of the RSU ( and she will reserve a space for you.

The RSU wants to send as many people as possible in order to strengthen their work challenging homophobia and transphobia on our campuses and in our communities. In a year when the results of discrimination against queer and trans youth has gained widespread media attention, we should intensify our collective work to address the pervasive presence of homophobia and transphobia.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arteries deadline extended!

The deadline to submit your papers for Arteries 2011: Ryerson's Undergraduate Research Conference has been extended until Monday, January 24th, 2011.

For all of the details about the conference and how to submit, visit:

Ready to make the academic transition?

Student life is full of transitions... The transition from high school (or college or the work force or your vacation in Europe) to university. You may transition from one program to another. And finally, the transition from university to either further education or the world of work.

Are you on track to make all of these transitions or are you a little unsure as to whether you have the skills and know-how to do so smoothly and successfully? If you have even the smallest sliver of doubt in your mind (and I know I do!), never fear...Sonny Wong is here.

Sonny Wong is the career counsellor for the Faculty of Arts and in addition to doing one-on-one sessions with students, he also hosts a series of workshops designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to make these transitions as you take the next steps on your career path.

Whether you're in 1st year or 4th year, or anywhere in between, Sonny has workshops that will fit your needs. He offers workshops on academic success, finding the right career path for you, writing resumes and cover letters (I'm enrolled in this one... a must for any graduating students who are going to be on the job market in May), applying to graduate school and applying to teacher's college. Read all about these workshops and register online:

Workshop schedules for the Winter 2011 semester have been posted so scurry over now to make sure you get a spot.

Monday, January 17, 2011

So, You Think You Can Blog?

So, you think you have what it takes to be a Faculty of Arts Student Life blogger? Okay, so maybe you don't... yet. But I'm here to tell you that you do!

The Art of Life, the one and only Faculty of Arts student life blog is here to keep students up to date on the opportunities and events that are available to them within their program, faculty and university-wide. It is also a source of information related to everything student life, whether it be study tips or restaurant reviews, and serves to connect students based on the common issues they face and the things that interest them.

Members of the blogging team take on as large or as small of a commitment as they desire and have the opportunity to write posts about anything that interests them. Being a part of the team allows you to connect with other students, get more involved on campus and develop important employability skills, such as web-based communication.

If you have even the slightest interest in getting involved with the blog, whether it be to make a one-time contribution, to start regularly submitting posts or to advise us on the type of content you'd like to see on Art of Life, come out to our next blogger meeting on (DATE). This will give you the chance to meet the team, get some more info and ask any questions you might have.

Here are the details:

Date: THIS Friday (January 21st)
Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm
Location: POD 344-L (in the Student Experience Centre)

Not able to make it or have any questions? E-mail me (Sarah) at

And because such a blog post would not be complete without this image...


Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, New You?

Welcome back, Artsies! It's a brand spanking new semester (and my last!) here at Ryerson University. It is my sincere wish that it is your best yet!

With that in mind, I'm curious: did you make any resolutions this year? Perhaps you want to develop better time management skills, study more effectively or get involved on campus? I'd love to hear!

And as always, we're here to help! So, if there is anything you'd like us to post about that would help you make this your best semester yet, please e-mail Do you want tips for studying, time management or stress reduction? Perhaps it's healthly living tips or pointers for living on a student budget that you're most interested in? I promise we'll have it all but if we know what you're most interested in, we'll know where to focus our blogging efforts. And if you're interested in joining the blogging team, as always, let us know!

Here's to making 2011 at Ryerson University the best that it can be! Cheers. ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Register for the Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign "What Makes a Man" conference TODAY!

The Ryerson White Ribbon Campaign (RWRC) works to end men's violence against women and inspire men to be the best versions of themselves. We don't seek to blame or shame men, but encourage them to become part of a change affecting the lives of both men and women.

How did you come to understand 'What Makes A Man'? A discussion-focused conference looking at the spectrum of evolving identities, experiences and realities that determine ‘What Makes A Man’.

**REGISTER TODAY by emailing us at**
LIMITED SEATING - Only way to ensure a spot is to email!

...Saturday February 12th at Ryerson University
SCC 115, Student Campus Centre, 55 Gould St.

visit for latest information on speakers and contests.

Facilitators - Carlos Andrés Gómez and Kim Crosby

Lunch catered by SALAD KING

$5 Ryerson Students/Staff/Faculty
$10 for our friends outside of Ryerson
*All proceeds go to the White Ribbon Campaign*



‘Behind the Masc’ with Carlos Andrés Gómez
with Reilly Dow
Opening performance by winner of Urban Hip Hop Union's 2011 Poetry Slam

Admission $10 (free for Conference Delegates)
*All proceeds go to the White Ribbon Campaign*

Faecbook page -‘BEHIND THE MASC w/ Carlos Andrés Gómez (for 'What Makes a Man' Conference)-

Carlos performs spoken word pieces addressing various themes around masculinity and then the audience shares provoked thoughts, their reflections and own related stories. Performance to be illustrated by Graphic Recorder Reilly Dow (TEDx Ryerson performer visit for more info)


More info coming soon! Stay tuned for the names of speakers participating!

Write for more info or to volunteer

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My search for bargain books

Along with this brand, shiny new semester comes the lists of pricey books we have to purchase. If you're anything like me, you're on a mission to find these babies for as little money as possible and I'm here to help! Here are my tips on places to look in order to get all your books while putting as small of a dent in your wallet as possible.

Book Stores:
The Used Book Room: SCC B03
The Used Book Room is an RSU service that allows Ryerson students to buy and sell used testbooks. That's right, you can make cash from selling your used books! Simply bring your book in and once it sells they will write you a cheque. Should your book not sell after a year, you'll be asked to come pick it up. There have been students lined up all week selling books so I'll bet they've got at least one that you need. I saved $50 on the textbook for one of my history courses this semester, SCORE!

The Discount Book Store: 258 Victoria St.
Not affiliated with Ryerson university, this store is another place to check out when you're looking to save money on this semester's books. Although their selection is limited, I've had good luck with them in the past. Plus, they're the people who are constantly handing out flyers on Gould Street so you can always check whether your classes are on the list to get an idea of whether or not they're likely to have the books you need.

BMV Books: 10 Edward Street
Another great book store that's close to campus. While they don't specialize in textbooks specifically I've had good luck finding novels for English courses as well as philosophy texts. Plus, it's super fun to browse around in. I'm often found lurking the Tom Robbins area in the Literature section, so if you see me, say hi. :)

Facebook groups:
"Ryerson Books for Sale":!/group.php?gid=2228381513&v=wall and "Used Ryerson Text Books For Sale":!/group.php?gid=41675229853&v=wall
Both of these groups allow students who are looking to buy or sell used textbooks to post what they have or are looking for in order to connect with other students.

Update your status: If all else fails, do a status update! I've had good luck just posting a simple "Does anyone have a copy of X that they'd be willing to sell?" In fact I'm getting one of my course readers FOR FREE just from using this method. It never hurts to ask.

Web sites:
Abebooks is a site that allows you to search the collections of booksellers from around the world. I've found textbooks for as low as $1 and the $119 Financial Management for Non-Profits textbook I have to buy this semester? Yep, I saved $40 on that... not too shabby! Book descriptions are very detailed and all purchases are backed by the web site.

This web site allows university students in Toronto to post the textbooks they are selling. You are then able to search by title, author or course code to find the books you need. This will require you to meet up with a complete stranger so if you go this route, be smart about it: meet in a well-lit public space, tell other people where you're going and bring a friend.

Perhaps this is an obvious one but Amazon often sells books for much less than their list price and offers free shipping on orders over $25. The site will also connect you to sellers who have used copies of the book for sale.

And my one last, sneaky trick for you is (and you'll have to save this one for next semester):
When our winter schedules were posted in December I e-mailed my profs to find out if I could get our reading lists in advance. They were all very accomodating and doing so allowed me to scour used book stores over the holidays (something I like to do anyway) and find used copies of as many of them as I could without scrambling to do so at the already hectic beginning of the semester.

Know of another good place to find used course books on the cheap? E-mail so I can add it to the list! :)