Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Important Faculty of Arts Dates

Hello everyone,
So whether you are an Orientation/Enrollment Volunteer or a new Ryerson Student, you're probably wondering when everything is happening. Due to the amount of e-mails i've been getting asking about these things, I decided that I would make all of the dates available to you via the blog.

So here it goes...

Thursday August 4th, Volunteers will take part in a phone-a-thon

Tuesday August 9th, Enrollment Volunteer Training - 6-8pm (please RSVP if attending)

Thursday August 11th, Enrollment Volunteer Training - 4 - 6pm (please RSVP if attending)

Saturday August 13th - Sunday August 14th - ROC Training (Manditory for ROCs and optional for Arts Volunteers - Please RSVP is attending)

Tuesday August 16th - Enrollment Workshops for new students (Please RSVP if attending)

Thursday August 18th - Orientation Volunteers Training - 6-8pm (please RSVP is attending)

Tuesday August 23rd - Orientation Volunteers Traning - 6-8pm (please RSVP if attending)

Monday August 29th - Campus Wide Orientation Begins

Tuesday August 30th - Faculty of Arts Orientation (ALL NEW FACULTY OF ARTS STUDENTS ATTEND!)

And that's it folks. If you need to RSVP for any of the listed events, please do so to stulife@arts.ryerson.ca

For more information for NEW STUDENTS, please visit this website! http://www.arts.ryerson.ca/newstudents/

This should give you all the info that you need to have an organized and successful orientation month!

We are all looking forward to seeing everyone at these events!
See you soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Open Letter to the Future

Hello future Ryerson Arts Alumni,

With that greeting, I've already made a number of assumptions about you and your future; that you'll stay in the faculty of arts for one, that "Ryerson" will be written somewhere on your degree for another.

As incoming students, the future is a big topic of conversation for you; after all, you’re on the cusp of entering a whole new phase of your life. Things are going to change and you're going to change along with it. The expectations placed upon you are bigger than they were in the past, but that's all in line with your new roles, University Students. You're probably anxious, maybe even scared. Don't be, millions have been in this same position, I was, roughly three years ago.

But it’s that fear that is most likely the reason why you're reading this blog, trying to get as much information about the school you'll be attending for the foreseeable future, not in the classrooms but everything else.

In that act though you've already taken the first step in getting the most out of your university career, getting involved.

It's quite possible that I'm preaching to the choir here, you may very well be the type who was already quite involved in your high school, achieving a well rounded resume of activity and participation.

If you are that person, then I can tell you very little, except don't let the ivory towers intimidate you and continue what you've been doing up to this point. Continue to be a keener.

But, I will also say that I have no idea what that experience is like, because as involved as I am now I wasn't in the past, not in high school and not in my first years of university.

I didn't see the point in participating, I'd much rather hangout with my friends instead of working for free for some group or organization. I failed to see what was in it for me. I soon discovered quite a lot.

The Work

Currently, I'm in charge of the online presents for the "Student Group of the Year", Students in Free Entrepreneurship (SIFE). This essentially means running twitter and Facebook updates as a means of interacting with our community, but also creating actual content, such as articles and blogs.

Before then I served as Marketing Coordinator for a branching program of SIFE, StartMeUp Ryerson, which helps to launch business for entrepreneurs. Essentially I facilitated communication between the two sides and tried to keep the bureaucracy down to a minimum.

I also had the opportunity to be a lead Marketing Coordinator on a series of seminars that provided entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to be successful. This meant finding an audience, targeting them and creating the marketing materials.

If you’re confused why a business student is writing to Faculty of Arts students, don't be, I've only taken two business classes my whole University career. I'm a proud Sociology Student who's simply chosen to get, as you guessed, involved.
But I've been active in the Arts community as well.

It's quite possible that although you've never seen my face before, you've already heard my voice, as I was one of a handful of students who called your home’s a few months back to find out if you have any questions about Ryerson.

When International Student Services (ISS) was looking for a group of students to investigate why their students had a higher dropout rate then the rest of the school, me and a group of students created, implemented and analyzed a survey that we then presented in front of the faculty.

And when the new school year begins I hope that I'll be the one providing support for all the second year sociology students who will take their first steps in learning statistics.

Between all of those things, I still found time to serve on the Sociology course union and even joined the Vietnamese Student Association of Ryerson (VSAR).

What I’ve gotten out of my extracurricular activity is exactly what I assumed I would when I finally decided to get active, experiences, skills and people.


I can look back at just this past year and see that the things I’ve participated in are by far the things I will remember when I graduate. Not because they make me stand out as a student, which they do, but because they are completely unique to me. At the end of the day the classes, readings and exams everyone will experience, but what makes university so great is everything out side of that.

Likewise, the same can be said about my skill set, it has expanded exponentially since I’ve become more involved. As a student, you’ll learn how to write an essay, how to study, how to research and half a dozen other skills, but few are transferable to the work place. Getting involved has allowed me to learn plenty of soft and hard skills that I can point to during any interview.

Most importantly though, through it all I met and got to know a wide range of people that at this point couldn’t imagine my life without. These people with their own skill sets, experiences and aspirations serve not only as my friends, but mentors too. Believe me when I say it’s not what you know, but who you know.


Thankfully getting involved isn't all that difficult; there are tons of student groups and all of them are desperate for new members every year. There are also new groups coming out of the wood work all the time. Not only do they want to replace all the students who have graduated or left, but they also want to expand and get fresh ideas from fresh faces.

There will be plenty of opportunities to talk one on one with seasoned students about getting involved at Ryerson during Orientation week, but that’s at least a month away, until then here are some things to take a look at and think about.

First here's a list of all the student groups. Take a look through them and see if anything peaks your interest. The contact information is right there as well.

http://www.rsuonline.ca/index.php?section_id=5 & http://rcsonline.ca/student-groups/

Second, it's a really good idea to join your course union, not only will you be able to impact your specific program you'll also meet a great number of students in that program.
Lastly, if you are ever unsure visit Stephan at POD 344M. He'll be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to anything related to campus life. You can also email him at stang@arts.ryerson.ca
There are opportunities of a life time are right in front of you, all you need to do is taking advantage of them.

Written by Piotr Makuch @pmakuch

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things To Do In The Last Half Of Summer

Hello all of you Arts Enthusiasts!

Summer is half way over already! How terrible! It seems like only yersterday we were finishing up our exams and looking forward to the long summer ahead. I don't know about you, but the time has seemed to fly by for me. Sometimes I feel like I haven't done anything! So, in response to this feeling, I have decided to make the most of the second half of summer. My July and August are full of camping trips, birthday parties, cottage weekends, day trips and festivals. I have made sure that not one weekend goes to waste!

For all of you who feel like you need to come up with some fun stuff to do for the second half of summer, but don't know what, let me give you some ideas!

1) Go camping! There are TONS of national parks and camping areas in Ontario. Some are close, some are farther away. I go to Algonquin Park every year for a wilderness canoe trip. When I'm there this year I'll be going on a route where I will see waterfalls and canyons and hopefully some moose and other wildlife. Also, there's nothing quite like sitting around a quiet campfire, talking it up with friends while wolves howl in the background.

2) Head to the beach! Even though Lake Ontario is super cold, the beach is a great place to just get together with friends and enjoy the summer weather! Bring a frisbee or a football and have some good old fashioned fun outdoors. The best part about the beaches is that they are close by and cost NOTHING!

3) Check out Richmond Street and the Entertainment District! From Wednesday-Saturday the clubs are open and tons of people are out to have a good time while moving to the beats of a good tune! During the summer the entertainment district is a fun place to go becuase you don't freeze while waiting in line ups and the overall experience starts off much more pleasantly.

4) Hang out at Dundas Square! Dundas Square has so many different events going on all the time! Even when there is nothing really planned, almost every night there is a concert or busker performance. It's also a nice place to just hang out with friends and enjoy an ice cream cone or something while taking in city life.

5) For more excellent suggestions, check out this website... http://www.toronto.com/article/616601

It has lots of GREAT suggestions for fun, FREE things to do in the summer months!

Get out there and have some fun! School starts back up in a few months and we've only got that long to make out summers count for something!

Happy Summer!