Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Arts Lounge Reno's

Hello Faculty of Arts Students!

I would like to invite you to a town hall meeting for the Faculty of Arts.

The Faculty of Arts Course Unions have been hard at work for a while now, working to improve the Arts Lounge on the 3rd floor of the POD building. Finally we have managed to secure sufficient funding to make a real difference! Preliminary ideas and drafts have been created but we would like to get the opinion of those who would be using the space in the future.

Come out and have your say about what should happen to this space that is meant for you and your peers!

The meeting will be held on:

Wednesday February 8th @ 3:00pm


Thursday February 9th @ 1:00pm

Both will be held in the Arts Lounge (POD349) so that we can visualize the new space.

If you cannot attend either of these meetings but you want to know what is happening and have a say in the matter, Please send a proxy in your place! For more information please contact a member of your course union!

Hope to see you there.

Topics that will be discussed:

- Security (the installation of a security camera or card readers
- electronics (do we need to purchase TV's, projectors, etc)
- power (do we want more power outlets installed, if so, where?)
- furniture
- floors (do we want to replace the carpet with something cleaner?)
- windows
- asthetics
- white boards as opposed to chalk boards
- funding
- floorplans
- etc.

If you have any opinions on any of this, please come out and voice that opinion!

Here is the proposed floorplan for the new arts lounge.

Student Ambassador

Dear Arts Students,

Ryerson's Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment department is looking for Student Ambassadors!

Being a Student Ambassador is a campus job that allows students to work as Tour Guides, at recruitment events such as Discover Ryerson and the annual Ontario University Fair.

As a 4th year ACS student, I have been a dedicated Student Ambassador since second year and have loved the experience since. Not only does the job pay well (starting at $12/hour), but I have met great staff, and made new friends from various programs who are also Ambassadors!

A Student Ambassador's role is to build relations with prospective students, secondary school guidance counsellors, teachers and parents at information events, on campus tours or even through our blog: http://whyryerson.ca/

If this sounds like your kind of job, and you are interested to be apart of an amazing team for next year, then please apply! The deadline is Friday, February 17, 2012 by 4 p.m. Get the application form at http://www.ryerson.ca/content/dam/undergraduate/admission/downloads/2012-2013%20SA%20Application%20and%20Job%20Description.pdf
Please forward any questions regarding your application to Katie, who can be reached at: kvanmass@gwemail.ryerson.ca

Good luck, and hope to see you on the team next year!


SchoolBOX Fundraiser

SchoolBOX Ryerson is hosting a "School Build Fundraiser" on Thursday, February 9, 7-10 pm in Thomas Lounge (55 Gould St).

Toronto-area band "The Most Loyals" will be playing at the event, along with a presentation from SchoolBOX President Tom Affleck, a silent auction and more!

Tickets are $10 at the door and all proceeds go towards the construction of an 8-classroom school which Ryerson students will be working on this summer in Nicaragua.

Thanks for your support!

Sarah Kerr

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Student Projects Grant

Dear Faculty of Arts Students,

Are you interested in leading a project or activity?

Want to travel to volunteer?

Have a great idea and need funds to make it happen?

Want to support your group project?

Will your activity or project provide you with experiential learning, learning outside of your classroom?

Will your project benefit the Faculty of Arts, the Ryerson community, and you?


The Faculty of Arts wants to support you by providing grants of up to $1500 for your project or activity.


Carefully read through the Faculty of Arts Student Project Grant website at http://www.ryerson.ca/arts/projects/index.html for all the details including the eligibility requirements, application and selection process.

To learn more about what types of projects have been funded in the past please check out the Past Recipients section at http://www.ryerson.ca/arts/projects/pastrecipients/

Student Project Grants provide financial support for student-initiated extra-curricular projects and activities that promote experiential learning and benefit student engagement in the Faculty of Arts. (Some examples include: planning or attending a conference; community-building projects; cultural activities; travel for a specified educational purpose or activity; creative/performance art events and activities, etc.)

All else being equal, projects that benefit more students will be given priority over projects that benefit fewer students. Normally, priority will be given to students who have not previously received an award.

Also feel free to contact your Student Life Coordinator, Stephan Tang at stang@arts.ryerson.ca or call him at 416-979-5000 ext 2124 if you have any questions or concerns about the grant or application process.

Applications are due soon, no later than 4:00pm on Tuesday February 7th, 2012, so submit your application today.

Orientation Committee Recruiting

Hello Arts Students,

It’s amazing how time flies but it is that time again when the Arts Student Life Team needs to start thinking about Orientation!

We would like to put together an orientation committee and we’d like to ask YOU to be a part of it. This is an opportunity to mold the orientation experience for the future students of the Faculty of Arts. Your input will be used as a starting off point for the student life team in developing the upcoming orientation events.

This committee will not take up much of your time. All you would need to do is come to a few meetings throughout the semester, prepared with ideas and opinions about orientation and its events.

Please e-mail Stephan Tang at stang@arts.ryerson.ca  if you have any interest in being a part of this committee and helping to plan the first impressions of the faculty for the new incoming students.

We greatly appreciate your input and look forward to hearing back from you.


The Student Life Team.

Arteries Extends its Deadline!

Hello Ryerson Undergraduate Students!

The deadline for submission to Arteries 2012 has been EXTENDED to January 26th, Thursday, at 11:59pm.

(If you have already submitted your essay and would like to re-submit, you may do so by sending an email indicating your intent to replace your first submission with the more recent one.)



Arteries 2012 is Ryerson's Fifth Annual Undergraduate Research Conference, organized by students, and sponsored by the Faculty of Arts. This student-organized conference aims to promote excellent academic research at the undergraduate level by giving fellow students an opportunity to participate at an academic research conference that takes place at our very own university.

The WHY?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to develop your public-speaking and presentation skills, promote your own research, and enhance your resume or CV for professional advancement!

If you wrote an excellent social sciences or humanities research essay and looking for an opportunity to present your work to a captive audience , read on!

Arteries 2012 welcomes essay submissions from all full-time undergraduate Ryerson students. We welcome essays that focus on topics related to the social sciences and the humanities.


Important Dates:

- Final date and time to submit entries: EXTENDED TO Thursday, January 26th, 2012, 11:59pm.

- The fifth ARTeries conference takes place: Friday, March 30th, 2012 at the Oakham House

The HOW?

Submitting an Essay:

Essays should be a minimum of 5 pages, double-spaced, in length, and authors should be able to present their work in no more than 20 minutes. To ensure anonymous evaluation, submissions should not contain a title page or any indication of the author’s name or department, school, program or course. Students may only submit one essay, and should consider their submissions carefully.

Essays should be submitted electronically, as an attachment (.doc, .docx), to the following address: arteries@arts.ryerson.ca.

The body of your email must include the following: your full name, student number; program of study; year of study; email address; title of the essay, and a short summary of the essay (no more than 200 words).

In addition, please submit a 150 word biography and a photograph of yourself (no more than 250×250, in .jpg format). Please be advised that if selected to present at Arteries, this information will be used on the Ryerson website and the Arteries blog, as well as promotional material for the conference.

A blind panel of three senior students and three professors form the Faculty of Arts will review all submissions and proceed with the selection process.

Authors of essays selected for presentation will receive a certificate of merit, in addition to the personal and professional advancement that participation at an academic conference brings.

For further information, questions, and to find out how to get involved please visit: http://www.arteries2012.wordpress.com/ or contact arteries@arts.ryerson.ca

We look forward to hearing from you!

- Arteries 2012 Organizing Committee


Please join us for SESSION 2 of the MIDDLE EAST DIALOGUE SERIES : Palestinians Outside Palestine: Refugees, the "Right of Return", and Prospects for Peace

    Not all Palestinians in the Middle East live in Israel, Gaza or the West Bank. Many have been living for decades as either de facto or de jure refugees in other countries across the Middle East. Jordan, Lebanon and Syria - the major recipient countries of those Palestinians displaced in 1948 - have made starkly different efforts to integrate these generations of "refugees" into their own populations, with the result that standards of living and levels of opportunity for young Palestinians vary dramatically across the region. Meanwhile, many of those who were displaced continue to lay claim to a "right of return" to what has now been the state of Israel for some 63 years. What are the historical and legal bases for these claims, and what effect do they have on the prospect for the negotiation of a comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian peace accord? Would a "two-state solution" provide a full answer to the Palestinians' claims of a "right of return"? If not, what are some of t he possible options open to negotiators from both sides that could amount to a workable solution? And, in the meantime, what should be done to help improve the living conditions facing so many Palestinians outside Palestine?


TIME: 6:30 - 8:30 PM




**Please RVSP to **



Introductions: 5 minutes

Presentation by each panelist: 10-12 minutes

Moderated conversation for all attendees: 1 hour

The Ryerson University chapter of UofMosaic will host a dialogue series for Canadian students of Middle Eastern descent and for those interested in the ongoing Middle Eastern conflict during the 2011-12 school year. It will consist of three sessions between November and February. This will be an opportunity for 20-25 students to discuss how they can improve community relations in Canada, and what roles they can play in encouraging peace and promoting development in the Middle East. The dialogue aspires to be a space where common understanding is fostered by students' commitment to promoting healthy exchanges between diaspora communities in order to influence Canada's foreign policy, and to identify joint opportunities for grassroots peacebuilding.

Sponsored by The Mosaic Institute: http://www.mosaicinstitute.ca/

Nikita Patel & Sama Tarfy
Co-Presidents of UofMosaic@Ryerson University

Campus Coalition Home-a-thon 2012

Hello Faculty of Arts Students,

       The Ryerson Habitat for Humanity is having an event called Campus Coalition Home-a-thon 2012. On January 27th, 2012, university and college students across the GTA will gather at Ryerson University to raise awareness about poverty housing in Toronto. Together, student groups will experience overcrowding and sub-standard housing on a personal level by attempting to 'live' in small cabins.
        Throughout the day, live music, speakers and games will take place as we occupy the cabins, representing the idea of poverty and sub-standard housing. Media will be present as students unite to raise awareness about the need for low-income housing in Toronto.

To find out more, please contact habitatryerson@gmail.com

Event Goals:
. To increase awareness amongst students and professionals alike about substandard housing in Toronto.
. To increase student involvement with Habitat for Humanity.
. To raise funds to be donated to Habitat For Humanity Toronto's Builds.

Easch team will be expected to raise $1,000 in support of Habitat For Humanity Toronto.

Start: 7 a.m., January 27th 2012.
End: 7 a.m., January 28th 2012.

Gould Street (Ryerson University).

Join us as students from across the GTA join together to build shacks and spend a night on the street!

For more information or to register or make a pledge visit www.torontohabitat.ca/hcc

Spread the word and join the Ryerson team by registering online.

Tri-Mentoring Recruiting


Do you want to earn more skills for your Resume?

Join the Tri-Mentoring program at www.ryerson.ca/trimentoring NOW and become a MENTOR!

You will be able to:

• Assist students, specifically culturally and linguistically diverse students with their transition into Ryerson University life and career-related employment upong graduation.

• Address and support the unique needs of first-generation Canadians, first-generation university students, and students with English as a second language

• Encourage community involvement and the development of leadership skills

You will also earn a CERTIFICATE for the help you have provided to the program, and you will also be able to apply for the Tri-Mentoring $5000 Annual Bursary.

So far, 200 students have signed-up for the 2012-2013 academic year. Be part of this movement and take advantage of the services your University provides!

P.S. The greater number of people that sign-up for the program, the greater funding for services will be provided to Arts Student. Also the increase in the number of mentors in the program will affect the amount and number of bursaries that can be provided to mentors in the program.

For more information you can visit POD-54 on the LG floor, or you can e-mail Maricruz at maricruz.leadartsmentor@gmail.com.

Sign-Up Soon!