Monday, November 16, 2015

Furthering Your Arts Education - November 23, 6-9pm

What can you do with your Arts degree? Do you plan on going to graduate school or law school? Do you know about the other options available?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, check out "Furthering Your Arts Education" on:

Monday, November 23, 2015
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
POD 250

An Arts degree can lead to a multitude of career development pathways. At this event, you will have the opportunity to:
- Meet graduate students and professionals that have Bachelors of Arts degrees
- Talk to Bachelor of Arts grads about the different career pathways they are taking, and
- Learn exactly what you need to do to get there!

Registration is free, and food will be provided. Please RSVP by clicking the GOING button by Friday, November 20 HERE

We can't wait to see you there!

Furthering Your Education is hosted by the following Ryerson groups:
Ryerson Career Centre, Ryerson Arts’ Society, Psychology Students’ Association, Politics and Governance Student Association, Sociology Students Union, ARTeries Undergraduate Research Conference

Friday, November 6, 2015

Ontario Legislature Internship Programme (OLIP)


If you are a recent graduate or will be graduating by of the end of this academic year then you may want to consider applying for the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme (OLIP).

OLIP is a non-partisan internship that offers an intimate exposure to how politics works at Queen’s Park.  Interns work with Members of Provincial Parliament from both the opposition and government.  Additionally, the programme features meetings with prominent political figures, educational trips to various legislatures, and a $20,000 stipend.

Sara O'Sullivan, the OLIP representative is also a former Ryerson student.  Ms. O’Sullivan will be on site to provide an information session to recruit Politics students for this “opportunity of a lifetime.”  Additionally, she has agreed to share her career success secrets on how she has managed her career after she graduated from Ryerson.  The added feature of this event will be the debrief session held by the Faculty of Arts Career Counsellor.  Sonny Wong will address your career thoughts and assist you with moving forward with the application process. 

Please RSVP at with your program year and state whether you are undergraduate or graduate student in the body of RSVP email.    Note:  This is an one time event and seating is limited.

Date/Time:  November 12th  5:00pm to 7:00pm  

Location:  Student Learning Centre (SLC) Room 514

Thursday, November 5, 2015

RYERSON MOVES: Escape the Exam Stress Yoga and Meditation

Ryerson Moves is offering 15 FREE yoga classes to students to combat exam stress! These yoga and meditation classes will be in the SLC. 

Ryerson Moves is dedicated to bringing innovative recreational programming to Ryerson's campus and beyond, primarily focusing on Ryerson Students but also Ryerson Staff, Faculty and the community.  

Make sure to follow Ryerson Moves on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: @ryersonmoves

Find the full schedule for the classes at

Friday, October 2, 2015

S.W.A.T Lip Sync Battle!

Hello everyone, my name is Angelo Robb and I am the president of the new student group: S.W.A.T (Songwriters Advocating Teamwork). Our group’s goals are to expand the avenues that Ryerson students have in order to express themselves and create a community of students interested in tapping into their song writing skills, music production skills, and performing skills. We want to provide more performance opportunities for Ryerson students to showcase their talent and abilities.

We have a series of events coming up that will bring students out of their comfort zones and promote public speaking skills, teamwork and creativity! 

Check out our first event below:

Lip Sync Battle
Date: Oct 29
Location: LIB 72
Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Prizes: 1st 100$ 2nd 50$ 3rd 25$ 

If you want to perform/compete, email us your name and song choice at

Thursday, August 27, 2015


The Faculty of Arts Orientation is right around the corner! Orientation is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends, get familiar with campus and get more comfortable with university life. If you are nervous about coming to Orientation, well guess what... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Orientation is meant to be awkward - at first. Of course there is going to be small conversations and awkward interactions, but that is the beauty of Orientation. Orientation is here to get those awkward and nervous feelings out of your system, so when classes start (on September 8th), you will be ready to take on Ryerson!

This year, the Arts Orientation is going to be the best one yet! Planned by the Arts Student Life team, there will be a live band, free food, plenty of prizes and 100 upper year Arts Ambassadors to guide you through Orientation. 

So don't miss it and be sure to RSVP to the Arts Orientation here: Faculty of Arts Orientation

We will see you on September 1st!

Note: The Faculty of Arts Orientation is for incoming students in the following programs: Arts and Contemporary Studies, Criminology, International Economics and Finance, English, Environment and Urban Sustainability, Geographic Analysis, History, Philosophy, Politics and Governance, Psychology, Sociology, Undeclared Arts 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5 Reasons why you should attend your Enrolment Workshop by Kristin Walcott-Dass

September is almost here and it is almost time to decide on the courses you will be taking during your first year!  Nervous? Don't be! The Faculty of Arts is here to help you get familiar with Ryerson and your program.  To give you a head start on preparing for September, the faculty is holding Enrolment Workshops on August 7 & 10 to help you pick courses, get familiar with the RAMSS system, and get the opportunity to see Ryerson up close and personal. Still not convinced you should attend your workshop? Here are 5 reasons why we think you should attend your Enrolment Workshop:

1. You will get to meet new incoming students

The Enrolment Workshops are the perfect time to meet new students who are coming to Ryerson. While transitioning into university (or returning to university) may be intimidating, just remember: you are not alone! The workshops will give you the opportunity to make new friends and find out who is in your program. These students may also be the ones who you will hang out with at Orientation!

2. You will meet upper year students and some of your future professors

You will not only get to meet new students, but you will also get the chance to meet upper year students.  Our awesome Arts Ambassadors will be at the workshops to help you choose classes, give you some valuable advice, and inform you about the true Ryerson experience.  Have any specific questions that you were not sure could be answered? Make sure to ask one of our Arts Ambassadors.

Additionally, your Program Administrator (PA), Undergraduate Program Director (UPD), and some of your future professors will be at the workshops, so don't forget to say hi!

3. We have a information session... for your parents!

Got any parents/guardians who are nervous about this transition? Well, we have the perfect information session.  If your parents/guardians choose to attend your workshop, there will be a special presentation just for them.  This presentation will inform them how to support you when you start attending Ryerson. Facilitated by our Career Counsellor, Sonny Wong, your parents/guardians will be provided with all the tricks and tips to help you (and themselves) with this new experience.

4. See what Ryerson has to offer

Want to get involved? Thinking you might need some extra assistance during the school year? Or maybe you are just curious about Ryerson's student groups and services. At the workshops, there will be a Student Service Fair to let you know what's going on at Ryerson. 

Not only will there be a fair, but executives and representatives of Arts Course Unions will also be in attendance.  If you want to get involved on campus, make sure to let your Course Union members know!

5. Explore Ryerson and the community

Lastly, when you finish your workshop, make sure to walk around Ryerson to get yourself familiar with the campus. You can also get a campus tour by the Undergraduate Admissions team after you finish your workshop. Just remember to register here for your tour

The Enrolment Workshops will be on August 7 & 10. Haven't RSVP'd yet? Find your program here and register today: Enrolment Workshops

We can't wait to see you on August 7 & 10!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Faculty of Arts Blackboard Competition

Hey FoA Students, some of your course union's decorated their board in the Arts Lounge (POD 349) 

Vote here to determine the winning board:

Make sure to step into the Arts Lounge to see all the competed boards and to get more information about your course unions!

Criminal Justice Students' Association

Ryerson History Society

International Economics and Finance Union

Philosophy Students' Union

Psychology Students' Association

Sociology Students' Union

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Returning to Ryerson: Meet Amanda de Souza

Hello fellow Arts students! I’m not a first year student, but I definitely feel like one. Why? This Fall I’m heading into 3rd year in the Arts & Contemporary Studies after a ten year break from Ryerson. 

That’s right. 10 years ago, ACS was a brand new program. I loved the campus (still do!), met my best friends there and learned a lot in 2 years. But, after 2nd year, I gravitated to my minor in marketing and decided to leave Ryerson. I started on a different path and attended the Advertising program at Durham College. For 3 years I was a writer/producer at an ad agency in Toronto making ad campaigns for clients like Sony, Universal and P&G. It was all very “Mad Men” in a digital age. 

In 2010 I moved to New York City. I started my career over with yet another internship, and that turned into a job as an executive account assistant at a PR firm for Broadway shows.

With NYC as my inspiration, I started painting. Soon the hobby turned into a part-time job, and eventually I was continuously in art shows, had a commissioned series for a store in Grand Central Station and even painted a piano for Sing For Hope, a charity that places painted pianos all over NYC for anyone to play. My piano was placed in Central Park and even featured in the New York Times.

I lived in Manhattan for 4 years and eventually landed the role of Senior Graphic Designer for W Magazine. It was a difficult role and not unlike living the Devil Wears Prada. After a year my contract was up and I flew home to visit my family. It was then that I learned my Mom had stage 4 metastatic bone cancer. I decided to stay in Canada with my family, and have been here now for a year.

In that time, I was offered a job at Durham College teaching the advertising campaigns course and was even asked to give the convocation speech where I was able to speak about my journey thus far.

Coming full circle and observing my student’s learning progress, I began to realize that opportunities never stop as long as you decide to keep going. So, I re-applied to Ryerson and this Fall I’ll be back on campus to finish what I started and this time, taking full advantage of all Ryerson has to offer! I can’t wait to meet all of you (please say hello!) I am so happy to be back where it all started and, can we talk about this fancy new student learning centre?! Maybe it was good I left for that ten year break after all. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Pride!!!

Hey Rams!  Happy Pride! (Insert rainbow emoji here.)

For those of you that don’t know, this week (June 19th - June 28th) is Toronto’s annual Pride festival!  Pride Week is a time to celebrate sexual diversity, gender diversity, queer culture, community, family, love, spirit and courage.  The Village (Church and Wellesley) and downtown Toronto are hosts of the event, and the 10-day festival includes a wide array of activities and entertainment; as well as the Dyke March, the Trans March and the Pride Parade for members of the LGBTQIA+ community to come together. 

As both a queer student and a regular attendee of Pride, this week is incredibly important to me, as I know it is for many other members of the community.  It is a time to rejoice and a time to feel proud of my sexual orientation and gender identity/expression without persecution.  It is a time for family, friends and allies to show their support, and it is a time to embrace. 

My friend Rosalind and I at Toronto’s World Pride in 2014.

Whether it’s your very first Pride or you’re a Pride week veteran, here are five rules to help you have the most rewarding experience this year!


Pride is a time for people of all walks of life to come and display their identities.  Understand that this is Pride week, meaning that individuals that may be part of what is considered to be the “fringe” or don’t follow the “norms” of society will be present.  Be prepared to see a diverse community of people at Pride (some clothed, some not), and whether you agree or disagree, please be civil.  Don’t judge or be prejudice, and if you have a negative comment keep it to yourself.  Most importantly, if you don’t believe there should be a pride parade and don’t recognize the significance of the event, simply don’t attend.

2.    Be AWARE.

The Village and the general downtown area of Toronto are home to plenty of bars, clubs, strip clubs, and venues where alcohol will be present and accessible throughout Pride week.  While we all try to stay on our best behaviour, many will partake and inevitably some people will become far too intoxicated for their own good.  That being said, if substance abuse is something you or someone you know struggles with, do not fear, there are plenty of substance-free events and entertainment available for you to attend!  Not to mention RyePRIDE will be hosting plenty of substance-free events at Ryerson as well!

3.    Be GRATEFUL.

While Pride is a time to celebrate the advances of the LGBTQIA+ community, it is also time to commemorate the challenges we have faced and overcome to get where we are today.  Educate yourself on the LGBT rights movement, appreciate the lives that have fought for our freedom and honour their courage.  As well, it is important to acknowledge that we have still a long way to go until acceptance, tolerance and safety for our community is achieved and show your support for the cause.

4.    Be PROUD.

The single most important rule is to be proud (I mean, it’s in the name)! This is a time to celebrate our individuality and diversity, it is a time to embrace our differences and show our love and support for one another.  We are all beautiful in our own unique ways and encompassing that is exactly what Pride is all about!

5.    Have FUN!

Feel free to roam and explore.  Ryerson is an incredible supporter and advocate for Pride (have you seen the rainbow flags everywhere?) and there are a ton of fun events (hosted by RyePRIDE) for you to check out on campus!  Go see what’s happening in The Village, watch the parades/marches and enjoy the entertainment!  Have a great time immersing yourself in queer culture and encourage your friends and family to join with you!

I hope that these tips help you have the best Pride possible and I hope to see you all there! Remember to stay gold (and blue)!

If you want to know more about events at Pride Week here are some helpful links:

PRIDE Toronto

Clean, Sober and Proud Place (June 27th – 28th)

Michael Nemett

Monday, June 22, 2015

Class of 2019 Spotlight: Meet Michael Nemett!

Hello my fellow Rams!

My name is Michael Nemett, and I’m an upcoming first year student at Ryerson! I’m very excited to begin this new chapter of my life as a post-secondary student and what better place to do so than Ryerson? I’m going to be majoring in Sociology and I plan on minoring in Human Resources Management. I’m so excited to be part of such a diverse and one-of-a-kind community and I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you n the fall. Don’t be afraid to say hi if you bump into me on campus.

Anyway, here’s a little bit more about me:

The Basics

Age: 19
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Program: Sociology
Music: I listen to pretty much everything that sounds good but some of my faves are Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Amy Winehouse, St. Vincent, Grimes and BANKS!
I love discovering new music and I’m open to all genres, so let me know if there’s anyone new I should be listening to!
Movies: Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Girl, Interrupted
TV: I spend far too much time watching television (don’t we all?) and my favourite shows are Orange is the New Black, Big Brother, RuPaul's Drag Race, How to Get Away With Murder, Broad City and Skins. Guilty pleasure shows include Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Say Yes to the Dress and home renovation shows like Love it or List It
Favourite food: Any kind of pasta 
Favourite drink: Those bottled Tazo green tea drinks they sell at Starbucks
Fun fact about me: I am an identical twin! Yes, there is a much taller, more athletic and less handsome (just kidding) version of me at Guelph University

Why I Chose Ryerson

I chose Ryerson because of its location in the downtown core of Toronto, the absolutely beautiful campus, and the emphasis on student involvement and inclusivity.  The second I stepped onto the campus for a tour, my decision was made; I knew Ryerson would give me the positive experience I was looking for. 

I wanted to be in an environment that allowed me to excel and where my skills and efforts were valued, where collaboration was encouraged, and the importance of innovation was highlighted.  Ryerson covers all of these bases and then some!  Not to mention all of the wonderful student services including the seriously amazing Student Learning Centre (how many buildings have a beach themed floor?), Student Campus Centre, the Podium building and more!

I hope you are as excited to be part of the Ramily as I am and I’m looking forward to meeting you all at Orientation. Have a great summer and remember to stay gold (and blue)!


Monday, June 15, 2015

Class of 2015: Spring Convocation

Another year has gone by and another group of Arts Students are off to the big leagues! Congratulations to all 557 students who graduated with BAs, MAs, PhDs and CE certificates. All your hard work has definitely paid off.

Here are some highlights from Friday's convocations:

  • For the first time in FoA history, 50 students graduated from the English BA Program, as well as 2 advance students from the History BA program.
  • Jona Zyfi (BA, Criminology) received the Ryerson Gold Medal for the Faculty of Arts and the Board of Governors Leadership Award and Medal. In addition, Jona’s parents travelled all the way from Albania for the convocation ceremony!
  • Dmitry Navosha (BA, International Economics and Finance) who received the Governor General’s Academic Medal (Silver).
  • Marcia Moshé's son, Saul Moshé-Steinberg, graduated with a BA in Psychology, and Stéphanie Walsh-Matthews' step-daughter, Hyacinth Bouchard, earned a BA in Geographic Analysis! Congrats to all!
  • During the ceremony, there was a record of 100+ professors on stage, along with the President, Provost, and Chancellor. 

A special thank you goes to those who helped make the Arts Convocation a success:

Catherine Ellis (History, Reader)

Marco Fiola (LLC, Reader)

Kathryn Rowan (Dean of Arts office, National anthem) 

Rhiannon Traill (ACS alumna, Board representative)

Kim Varma (Criminology, Board representative) 

Stéphanie Walsh-Matthews (LLC & ACS, Bedel & Invocation)

Maureen Reed (Psychology)

Anthony Bonato (Associate Dean of Graduate Studies)

Marie Bountrogianni (Dean of Continuing Education)

Janet Lum (Associate Dean of Arts) 

Jennifer Mactavish (Dean of Graduate Studies) 

Marcia Moshé (Associate Dean of Arts)

Jean-Paul Boudreau (Dean of Arts) 

Congratulations Class of 2015! You have made us proud!

Take action. Every story you've ever connected with, every leader you've ever admired, every puny little thing that you've ever accomplished is the result of taking action. You have a choice. You can either be a passive victim of circumstance or you can be the active hero of your own life

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Message From the Sociology Students' Union

Something came in our Ryerson server today!!

***Checks messages tab eagerly***



Alright, definitely not as clever as the original, but you can see where I’m going with this. I guess I'm just super eager to say…


Remember when you started senior year back in September, and University seemed like a distant dream? Before you knew it, it was time to start applying to University programs through the OUAC. You bit your nails in angst as you waited and waited to see if you would be accepted into Ryerson’s amazing Sociology program, perhaps even doubting yourself along the way and finding every possible reason (no matter how outrageous) as to why you would not be accepted. Yet here you are, RIGHT NOW, happily accepting your offer of admission into the next stage of your academic career at one of the most innovative and connected University’s in Canada! How great are YOU!? (Newsflash: We think you're pretty great!)

The Ryerson Sociology Students Union (RSSU) – the representative body of all Sociology majors at Ryerson and YOUR student voice – is so thrilled to welcome in the graduating class of 2019! As a Union, we have pledged to make the 2015-2016 academic year a defining term for the Ryerson Sociology department and its students. With dozens of AMAZING events planned to connect, engage, and build community within Ryerson and between various community partners, there will be tons of opportunities for all of our Sociology majors to, as our motto states, leave their mark! :)
In the meantime, stay connected with us on one of our many social media handles for ways to get involved with the RSSU, department/union updates, Sociological dialogue, and the occasional selfie.

Twitter: @RUSociology


Instagram: @RUSociology

Until next time,

Bianca Marryshow

Third Year Sociology Student Representative

Friday, June 5, 2015

Meet the New ACS/SECT Student Life Advisor Assistant

Hello Everyone,

My name is Akhil Shiv Kumar and I'm the new ACS/SECT Student Life Advisor Assistant for the Student Experience Centre. I'm uber-excited to help put together an exciting Orientation Week and Enrolment workshop for the Class of 2019! I'm headed into my third year of an Arts and Contemporary Studies degree (English Major). Along with working for the Student Experience Centre, I also work with TEDxRyersonU as a Co-Speakers Steering Lead. In my free time I enjoy reading, working out and sleeping! 

Here are some of my favourite things: 

Artist: U2 
Song: Bound 2 by Kanye West 
TV Show: The Wire  
Favourite Food: Pho!
Quote: "Better three hours too soon than a minute too late" William Shakespeare
Fun Fact: I can dunk a basketball and I can burp the alphabet. 

If you think I'm an interesting dude after reading that list make sure to come say hello! 


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Psychology Convocation Reception of 2015

Congratulations graduates! You've all worked very hard in the last few years and definitely deserve to celebrate upon your completion of the program! The Department of Psychology and the Psychology Students' Association graciously invites you to the Psychology Convocation Reception of 2015 to celebrate your journey and graduation. It will be a great opportunity for you and your families to meet and mingle with your peers, professors and other members of the Faculty before the grand ceremony!

There will be coffee/tea, cakes and snacks offered along with a small, congratulatory graduation gift as a token of appreciation for the immense contributions of time and effort you've made for your Faculty and Department.
The reception will take place between 11:00am to 12:30pm in JOR-943 (Department of Psychology) on Friday, June 12th, before the commencement ceremony (see attached invitation card). We encourage you to stop by and celebrate with your peers and faculty members before heading down to get ready for the ceremony. Please RSVP with any dietary restrictions (halal, vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerance, allergies etc.) and additional questions, comments or concerns.

RSVP to as soon as possible. We hope to see you then!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meet your new Student Life Assistant!


My name is Kristin Walcott-Dass (but you can call me Kris) and I am the new Student Life Assistant for the Faculty of Arts’ Student Experience Centre.  I am so excited to be a part of the team that will be planning the 2015 Arts Orientation and Enrollment Workshops for the Class of 2019!

Currently, I am entering my fourth year at Ryerson – majoring in sociology and minoring in politics (because who doesn’t love politics?).  I am also the President of the Ryerson Sociology Students’ Union and the Social Media Generator for Suit Up for Success. Looking back, getting involved on
campus was the best decision I made coming to Ryerson.  I have met so many new people, made new friendships, got to know my professors better, and I also started to enjoy school a lot more.  Being a student leader, I have come to appreciate Ryerson and what it has to offer. If you are thinking about getting involved on campus – just DO IT! (shout out to Nike for being so inspirational).  It may be intimidating at first, but it is so worth it.

Wow that last paragraph was a little sappy, but completely true.  Totally switching subjects, here is a list of some of my favourite things – if you see anything on this list that you like, relate to, please stop by my office (POD344b), so we can have an in depth, intellectual discussion about, say, why Interstellar is one of the greatest movies of all time.

Kristin’s Favourite Things (Updated May, 2015)

Artist: Blood Orange
Song: Purple Rain by Prince
TV Show: Broad City
Movie: Across the Universe (still come stop by and talk to me about Interstellar)
Colour: Purple (*sings* Purple Rain……….)
Drink: Vanilla Coke
Quote: You rock, don’t ever change – Ethan Craft, 2001
A random fact: I wish there was a production crew documenting my experience as a Student Life Assistant, so I can make an arrange of facial expressions to the camera, similar to what Jim Halpert does on The Office.

Well, that’s all for now. I encourage you all to stop by my office, so I can meet all of your beautiful faces, and maybe discuss any ideas you may have for the Arts Orientation, perhaps?

I will talk to you all soon!

Kristin :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why You Should Choose Ryerson and the Faculty of Arts

I know it is right around that time when you're getting ready to choose which university or college to go to next fall. You may have been given a few offers of admission from different schools and so you're researching to find the best one. You might be thinking about taking a year off because you just don't know if university is for you and the pressure is getting to be too much. I've been there! Parents and guardians might even be pressuring you to make a decision and this only increases the stress. Well, I'm here to tell you why Ryerson and the Faculty of Arts is an excellent choice!

First of all, Why Ryerson?

1. Ryerson is right in the heart of downtown Toronto; a thriving metropolis with endless possibilities! When you are on campus, you are never more than a few blocks away from the Eaton's Center shopping mall, two movie theaters, two major grocery stores, a variety of gyms and fitness centers, a ton of restaurants and food courts, Toronto's entertainment district, 3 subway stations, a library, hotels, clubs, book stores, and literally anything else you could possibly wish for! At Yonge and Dundas Square, you might catch a free concert or browse through a pop up market on any given day. There is always something happening here!

2. You have access to state of the art technology and facilities! Not only are there great labs and library spaces available for you to work in, but Ryerson has also pushed the envelope with their facilities. The Mattamy Athletic Center and the new Student Learning Center are the most recent additions to this growing campus!

3. Ryerson gives you both a theoretical education and hands-on experience. Many people think of college as the hands-on, real-life education experience and University as being the more academic, theoretical and ideas based institution. I can tell you from my own experience that Ryerson is both! Ryerson teaches you the theory and then lets you apply it to community or faculty projects. It's the best of both worlds. The Faculty of Arts prides them self on this dual approach to teaching and learning as well.

4. The student services are AWESOME! From library resources and Student Learning Support to The Tri-Mentoring Program or your very own Faculty of Arts Student Experience Center, Ryerson's student services are on point! The friendly staff and student staff members are always there to help you with whatever you need and are student focused so that you are put first!

5. We are happy here! Someone once told me that when they walked through Ryerson's campus, the students looked happier than those who they had seen at other schools. Maybe this is because Ryerson has a vibrant and busy community with a huge variety of active student groups. Maybe it is because students are not always stuck in their books but are involved in the campus life as well as the greater Toronto community. Whatever the reason, students at Ryerson really do seem to enjoy their time here. If you get involved and take the opportunities provided for you, you can have a great student life at Ryerson!

Why Choose the Faculty of Arts?

1. Diversity! Ryerson's Faculty of Arts has 11 humanities and social sciences programs to choose from. We are a diverse group of people with diverse interests. Being in the Faculty of Arts you get to explore a variety of different classes and subjects such as; Arts and Contemporary Studies, Criminology, Sociology, Economics, History, Philosophy, English, Geography and Environmental Studies, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Politics and Public Administration and Psychology. 

2. We are growing! Ryerson's Faculty of Arts is one of the fastest growing faculties in Canada! We have launched over 80% of our programs just since 2005! Our student intake is growing every year as well. Imagine what we could do by 2025! 

3. We are Echo Conscious. The Faculty of Arts is taking a transformative approach to sustainability and is conscious of our Echo footprint. You can check out our Echo Action Plan for more information on how we intend to make a difference.

4. The Social Venture Zone! The Faculty of Arts is home to one of the Zones across campus; The Social Venture Zone. Here you can celebrate your passion and purpose and be given the resources to make your social change dreams become a reality. With connections to community and industry networks, the Social Venture Zone allows you to not just study ideas that shape the world, but HAVE ideas that shape the world! 

5. Finally, my last reason why you should choose the Faculty of Arts is that we have a passion for student advancement! As a past student myself, and now as a staff member, I can personally attest to this! The Faculty of Arts faculty and staff members give their all to helping you become the best student and person that you can be! All of those rumors that you heard in high school about University professors not caring about you or your work are a lie! We care about you, we want you to succeed and we will help you accomplish your goals! 

So, choose us and We will welcome you with open arms!