Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tomorrow is the last day for the Faculty of Arts "Out in the Cold" Clothing drive!

The Arts and Contemporary Studies Course Union in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts is running a clothing drive to collect gentle-used clothing, blankets, and linen. All clothes collected will be donated to Out in the Cold: Dixon Hall. As temperatures continue to drop, the course unions decided it would be great for RU to give back to the community around us ... and with that, you will finally be able to have that cleaner, more organized closet you've been dreaming of since January!

So bring your gently-used clothes, blankets, and linen to POD 344 (the Student Experience Centre) by 4pm tomorrow! Thanks for your participation!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Alumni Light the Way wants to help you post-graduation!


Unsure of what to do after graduation? Want to learn more about where your degree can take you? Come find out what it takes to translate your in-class lessons into workplace material from the people who know best! Alumni from your faculty will help guide the way - and share wisdom on what it took to make it happen,who helped them, and how you can get a running start.

Don't forget to register by clicking on the date you're available below!

For questions, email

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The SPG Application deadline is tomorrow!

Students just like you have...

· Started an online and printed publication that is made up of artwork and other creations by students, promoting local artists in Toronto a means to publish their work for free, and for others to discover and appreciate some great work that they may not otherwise come across.

· Hosted an academic conference at Ryerson to promote and recognize undergraduate research.

· Started an organization assisting Ryerson students with valid student cards secure free, gently used professional clothing for interviews and also connecting them to interview prep support.

· Presented their research at academic conferences nationally and internationally.

· Taken tours through the penitentiary systems in Kingston, ON to see the Justice system in action.

· Travelled to Ottawa to learn and connect with the many people, institutions and offices that make up our federal government.

· Filmed and Developed a Documentary Film exploring how Trans individuals create, maintain, and experience gender and community as social constructs and facets of identity.

The Faculty of Arts wants to support you by providing grants of up to $1500 for your project or activity.

Carefully read through the Faculty of Arts Student Project Grant website at for all the details including the eligibility requirements, application and selection process.
Applications are TOMORROW, no later than 4:00pm on Friday February 25th, 2015! Best of luck to all applicants!

Monday, February 23, 2015

RU Battle of the Arts!


It is time to pledge allegiance to your program and let your voices ring in the Battle of the Arts: a Faculty of Arts Karaoke Night on Tuesday February 24th at 8pm in the Ram in the Rye. Several of your course unions are partnering with the RSU to bring you a night where spine-chilling performances of '90s classics are not only welcome, but celebrated!

Throughout the night, numerous prizes will be awarded for individual and group performances, and the most active program of the night will have the honour of hoisting the House Cup, the Faculty Gnome, and will be awarded with a pizza party by the Student Experience Centre - your program is counting on you!
Mark the date, collect your friends, and start practicing those vocal runs and choreographed routines.

We will see you there,
Your Faculty Course Unions