Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meet your new Student Life Assistant!


My name is Kristin Walcott-Dass (but you can call me Kris) and I am the new Student Life Assistant for the Faculty of Arts’ Student Experience Centre.  I am so excited to be a part of the team that will be planning the 2015 Arts Orientation and Enrollment Workshops for the Class of 2019!

Currently, I am entering my fourth year at Ryerson – majoring in sociology and minoring in politics (because who doesn’t love politics?).  I am also the President of the Ryerson Sociology Students’ Union and the Social Media Generator for Suit Up for Success. Looking back, getting involved on
campus was the best decision I made coming to Ryerson.  I have met so many new people, made new friendships, got to know my professors better, and I also started to enjoy school a lot more.  Being a student leader, I have come to appreciate Ryerson and what it has to offer. If you are thinking about getting involved on campus – just DO IT! (shout out to Nike for being so inspirational).  It may be intimidating at first, but it is so worth it.

Wow that last paragraph was a little sappy, but completely true.  Totally switching subjects, here is a list of some of my favourite things – if you see anything on this list that you like, relate to, please stop by my office (POD344b), so we can have an in depth, intellectual discussion about, say, why Interstellar is one of the greatest movies of all time.

Kristin’s Favourite Things (Updated May, 2015)

Artist: Blood Orange
Song: Purple Rain by Prince
TV Show: Broad City
Movie: Across the Universe (still come stop by and talk to me about Interstellar)
Colour: Purple (*sings* Purple Rain……….)
Drink: Vanilla Coke
Quote: You rock, don’t ever change – Ethan Craft, 2001
A random fact: I wish there was a production crew documenting my experience as a Student Life Assistant, so I can make an arrange of facial expressions to the camera, similar to what Jim Halpert does on The Office.

Well, that’s all for now. I encourage you all to stop by my office, so I can meet all of your beautiful faces, and maybe discuss any ideas you may have for the Arts Orientation, perhaps?

I will talk to you all soon!

Kristin :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why You Should Choose Ryerson and the Faculty of Arts

I know it is right around that time when you're getting ready to choose which university or college to go to next fall. You may have been given a few offers of admission from different schools and so you're researching to find the best one. You might be thinking about taking a year off because you just don't know if university is for you and the pressure is getting to be too much. I've been there! Parents and guardians might even be pressuring you to make a decision and this only increases the stress. Well, I'm here to tell you why Ryerson and the Faculty of Arts is an excellent choice!

First of all, Why Ryerson?

1. Ryerson is right in the heart of downtown Toronto; a thriving metropolis with endless possibilities! When you are on campus, you are never more than a few blocks away from the Eaton's Center shopping mall, two movie theaters, two major grocery stores, a variety of gyms and fitness centers, a ton of restaurants and food courts, Toronto's entertainment district, 3 subway stations, a library, hotels, clubs, book stores, and literally anything else you could possibly wish for! At Yonge and Dundas Square, you might catch a free concert or browse through a pop up market on any given day. There is always something happening here!

2. You have access to state of the art technology and facilities! Not only are there great labs and library spaces available for you to work in, but Ryerson has also pushed the envelope with their facilities. The Mattamy Athletic Center and the new Student Learning Center are the most recent additions to this growing campus!

3. Ryerson gives you both a theoretical education and hands-on experience. Many people think of college as the hands-on, real-life education experience and University as being the more academic, theoretical and ideas based institution. I can tell you from my own experience that Ryerson is both! Ryerson teaches you the theory and then lets you apply it to community or faculty projects. It's the best of both worlds. The Faculty of Arts prides them self on this dual approach to teaching and learning as well.

4. The student services are AWESOME! From library resources and Student Learning Support to The Tri-Mentoring Program or your very own Faculty of Arts Student Experience Center, Ryerson's student services are on point! The friendly staff and student staff members are always there to help you with whatever you need and are student focused so that you are put first!

5. We are happy here! Someone once told me that when they walked through Ryerson's campus, the students looked happier than those who they had seen at other schools. Maybe this is because Ryerson has a vibrant and busy community with a huge variety of active student groups. Maybe it is because students are not always stuck in their books but are involved in the campus life as well as the greater Toronto community. Whatever the reason, students at Ryerson really do seem to enjoy their time here. If you get involved and take the opportunities provided for you, you can have a great student life at Ryerson!

Why Choose the Faculty of Arts?

1. Diversity! Ryerson's Faculty of Arts has 11 humanities and social sciences programs to choose from. We are a diverse group of people with diverse interests. Being in the Faculty of Arts you get to explore a variety of different classes and subjects such as; Arts and Contemporary Studies, Criminology, Sociology, Economics, History, Philosophy, English, Geography and Environmental Studies, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Politics and Public Administration and Psychology. 

2. We are growing! Ryerson's Faculty of Arts is one of the fastest growing faculties in Canada! We have launched over 80% of our programs just since 2005! Our student intake is growing every year as well. Imagine what we could do by 2025! 

3. We are Echo Conscious. The Faculty of Arts is taking a transformative approach to sustainability and is conscious of our Echo footprint. You can check out our Echo Action Plan for more information on how we intend to make a difference.

4. The Social Venture Zone! The Faculty of Arts is home to one of the Zones across campus; The Social Venture Zone. Here you can celebrate your passion and purpose and be given the resources to make your social change dreams become a reality. With connections to community and industry networks, the Social Venture Zone allows you to not just study ideas that shape the world, but HAVE ideas that shape the world! 

5. Finally, my last reason why you should choose the Faculty of Arts is that we have a passion for student advancement! As a past student myself, and now as a staff member, I can personally attest to this! The Faculty of Arts faculty and staff members give their all to helping you become the best student and person that you can be! All of those rumors that you heard in high school about University professors not caring about you or your work are a lie! We care about you, we want you to succeed and we will help you accomplish your goals! 

So, choose us and We will welcome you with open arms! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Your New Student Life Advisor

Hello Arts Students and Fans out there, my name is Avala Moore and I am the new Student Life Advisor for the Faculty of Arts. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my story.

I am a graduate of Ryerson and the Faculty of Arts. Three years ago I was walking across the Ryerson Theatre stage myself and being handed my Bachelor of Arts degree from Arts and Contemporary Studies. I came to Ryerson, originally, for the Interior Design program but I realized, after two years, that RSID was not where I belonged. I transferred over to ACS and found my place. I was on my course union, I was a volunteer and I even worked as the Student Life Assistant in the Student Experience Center. After I graduated, I went to U of T for my Master's. I am still there during the school year studying away and struggling with the same deadlines and finals that we all struggle with.

After my first semester away, I really missed Ryerson! I ended up coming back and working on the Central Orientation Team for the summer just so that I could still be a part of the Ryerson world. That was one of the best summers ever, as I was able to reconnect with Ryerson and the staff and students who were a part of it.

Skip ahead 2 years, and here we are! I'm back in the Student Experience Center planning Arts Enrollment and Orientation for 2015. When I was a first year ACS student, I remember saying to myself, "I want that job where you get to plan Orientation and you get to be that person who first year students can connect with!"... And now I'm here! I am so excited to be a part of Ryerson again and to be back in the Faculty of Arts. I hope that I get to meet all of you either through enrollment and orientation, through campus events or over social media, or even just from a friendly visit to my office if you want to say hello (POD 344M).

Ryerson and the Faculty of Arts has so many opportunities for student involvement and I encourage you all to get involved! Orientation was where I first got involved and now I'm planning it for my job! Some of my friends who also got involved with Enrollment and Orientation hold positions in the Ryerson Student Life office or the FCAD offices. Some are travelling the world and seeing new places. Some are taking their Master's at various universities in Canada and beyond. No matter what they are doing, starting by getting involved in orientation and in the Faculty of Arts helped them get there. So, don't overlook the opportunities that are available to you here at Ryerson and in the Faculty of Arts. They can be a launching pad into great educational and employment opportunities. I know they were for me!

To get involved, e-mail