Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5 Reasons why you should attend your Enrolment Workshop by Kristin Walcott-Dass

September is almost here and it is almost time to decide on the courses you will be taking during your first year!  Nervous? Don't be! The Faculty of Arts is here to help you get familiar with Ryerson and your program.  To give you a head start on preparing for September, the faculty is holding Enrolment Workshops on August 7 & 10 to help you pick courses, get familiar with the RAMSS system, and get the opportunity to see Ryerson up close and personal. Still not convinced you should attend your workshop? Here are 5 reasons why we think you should attend your Enrolment Workshop:

1. You will get to meet new incoming students

The Enrolment Workshops are the perfect time to meet new students who are coming to Ryerson. While transitioning into university (or returning to university) may be intimidating, just remember: you are not alone! The workshops will give you the opportunity to make new friends and find out who is in your program. These students may also be the ones who you will hang out with at Orientation!

2. You will meet upper year students and some of your future professors

You will not only get to meet new students, but you will also get the chance to meet upper year students.  Our awesome Arts Ambassadors will be at the workshops to help you choose classes, give you some valuable advice, and inform you about the true Ryerson experience.  Have any specific questions that you were not sure could be answered? Make sure to ask one of our Arts Ambassadors.

Additionally, your Program Administrator (PA), Undergraduate Program Director (UPD), and some of your future professors will be at the workshops, so don't forget to say hi!

3. We have a information session... for your parents!

Got any parents/guardians who are nervous about this transition? Well, we have the perfect information session.  If your parents/guardians choose to attend your workshop, there will be a special presentation just for them.  This presentation will inform them how to support you when you start attending Ryerson. Facilitated by our Career Counsellor, Sonny Wong, your parents/guardians will be provided with all the tricks and tips to help you (and themselves) with this new experience.

4. See what Ryerson has to offer

Want to get involved? Thinking you might need some extra assistance during the school year? Or maybe you are just curious about Ryerson's student groups and services. At the workshops, there will be a Student Service Fair to let you know what's going on at Ryerson. 

Not only will there be a fair, but executives and representatives of Arts Course Unions will also be in attendance.  If you want to get involved on campus, make sure to let your Course Union members know!

5. Explore Ryerson and the community

Lastly, when you finish your workshop, make sure to walk around Ryerson to get yourself familiar with the campus. You can also get a campus tour by the Undergraduate Admissions team after you finish your workshop. Just remember to register here for your tour

The Enrolment Workshops will be on August 7 & 10. Haven't RSVP'd yet? Find your program here and register today: Enrolment Workshops

We can't wait to see you on August 7 & 10!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Faculty of Arts Blackboard Competition

Hey FoA Students, some of your course union's decorated their board in the Arts Lounge (POD 349) 

Vote here to determine the winning board:

Make sure to step into the Arts Lounge to see all the competed boards and to get more information about your course unions!

Criminal Justice Students' Association

Ryerson History Society

International Economics and Finance Union

Philosophy Students' Union

Psychology Students' Association

Sociology Students' Union

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Returning to Ryerson: Meet Amanda de Souza

Hello fellow Arts students! I’m not a first year student, but I definitely feel like one. Why? This Fall I’m heading into 3rd year in the Arts & Contemporary Studies after a ten year break from Ryerson. 

That’s right. 10 years ago, ACS was a brand new program. I loved the campus (still do!), met my best friends there and learned a lot in 2 years. But, after 2nd year, I gravitated to my minor in marketing and decided to leave Ryerson. I started on a different path and attended the Advertising program at Durham College. For 3 years I was a writer/producer at an ad agency in Toronto making ad campaigns for clients like Sony, Universal and P&G. It was all very “Mad Men” in a digital age. 

In 2010 I moved to New York City. I started my career over with yet another internship, and that turned into a job as an executive account assistant at a PR firm for Broadway shows.

With NYC as my inspiration, I started painting. Soon the hobby turned into a part-time job, and eventually I was continuously in art shows, had a commissioned series for a store in Grand Central Station and even painted a piano for Sing For Hope, a charity that places painted pianos all over NYC for anyone to play. My piano was placed in Central Park and even featured in the New York Times.

I lived in Manhattan for 4 years and eventually landed the role of Senior Graphic Designer for W Magazine. It was a difficult role and not unlike living the Devil Wears Prada. After a year my contract was up and I flew home to visit my family. It was then that I learned my Mom had stage 4 metastatic bone cancer. I decided to stay in Canada with my family, and have been here now for a year.

In that time, I was offered a job at Durham College teaching the advertising campaigns course and was even asked to give the convocation speech where I was able to speak about my journey thus far.

Coming full circle and observing my student’s learning progress, I began to realize that opportunities never stop as long as you decide to keep going. So, I re-applied to Ryerson and this Fall I’ll be back on campus to finish what I started and this time, taking full advantage of all Ryerson has to offer! I can’t wait to meet all of you (please say hello!) I am so happy to be back where it all started and, can we talk about this fancy new student learning centre?! Maybe it was good I left for that ten year break after all.