Monday, March 21, 2016

Rupi Kaur visits Ryerson!

On March 8th the Ryerson Sociology Students’ Union (RSSU) hosted artist and writer, Rupi Kaur, to speak to Ryerson students and the local community for International Women’s Day.  The event was held in the Ted Rogers Building to a sold out audience of 500 people.

The evening started with a speech by Dr. Pam Sugiman, followed by speeches by President and Events Coordinator, Kristin Walcott-Dass and Anuja Jeeva.  Rupi Kaur spoke on topics, such as love, healing and immigration.  She also spent a portion of her presentation discussing prominent women’s issues and the importance of intersectional feminism. 

Afterwards, Kaur discussed with RU Student Life that while growing up, she never felt well represented when she read books from her favourite authors and poets. As a woman of South Asian decent, she started to write to tell her own unique stories, but found it challenging finding a book publisher to publish these stories. Eventually, her critically acclaimed book, Milk & Honey, has been a major success, with Kaur travelling around the world to present her work to others.  The evening ended with a meet and greet, with Kaur signing copies of her book and taking pictures with attendees.  More of Rupi Kaur’s work can be found here.

The RSSU Executives are:

President – Kristin Walcott-Dass
Events Coordinator – Anuja Jeeva
Public Relations Officer – Stefanie Martin
Social Media Coordinator – Leizl Yance
Secretary – Leyan Saleh

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ryerson Arts Society Training Day: Highlights

The newly formed Ryerson Arts Society (RAS) held their first training day on February 27th, 2016. 

Training took place all-day from 9am-6pm with all six executive members, 11 program directors and executive committee members in attendance.

The day was filled with lots of information on how to be an effective student leader, such as proper communication, how to connect and approach faculty members and staff at Ryerson and how to work with other societies and student groups on campus.  

The Ryerson Arts Society will oversee all Arts course unions and students groups within the Faculty of Arts and will be providing support for Arts student initiatives and projects.

RAS would like to thank Dr. Andrew Hunter, Sonny Wong, Stephen Kassim, Andrew Bisnauth, Jeff Perera, Nikki Walheed and Rachel Bareca for facilitating the day's training sessions and to Avala Moore for organizing such a successful event!

Your Ryerson Arts Society team is:


President - Marzia Riaz
VP Events - Anuja Jeeva
VP External Affairs - Adrian Ledesma
VP Finance - Axel Smith Schon
VP Marketing - Kristin Walcott-Dass
VP Operations - Brook Pickering

Program Directors

Arts & Contemporary Studies: Akhil Shiv Kumar

Criminology: Giuliana Deluca
English: Sabrina Sgandurra
Environmental & Urban Sustainability: Nikita Jariwala
Geographic Analysis: Edgar Baculi
History: Mathew Czipf
International Economic & Finance: Robert Szlendak
Philosophy: Vacant
Politics & Governance: Nicole Andrade
Psychology: Daniel Silva
Sociology: Felicia Colasanto


Marketing - Camara Azubuike, Karen Espinola and Serena Mola
External Affairs - Naveed Lail 

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