Thursday, May 26, 2016

Meet your new Student Life Team!

Student Life Assistant: Marzia Riaz

Marzia Riaz, 4th Year Psychology
Hello Arts Friends!

My name is Marzia Riaz and I will be taking over as the new student life Assistant for Summer ’16. I am incredibly excited to begin working with the Student Experience Team and its partners to plan the 2016 Arts Orientation as well as other projects.

A little about me, this fall I will be entering my fourth year of the Psychology program at Ryerson (whoa senior year!) I am also an active member of the Ryerson community and have been involved in several exciting projects. Last year I chaired the Ryerson Arts Society (RAS) steering committee and led the 2015 Referendum, I later continued on with RAS as the 2015-2016 President. Along with RAS I was also involved with my course union as the Vice-President of Events and with Ryerson Central Orientation as a volunteer. Currently I am one of the three FoA directors on the Ryerson Student’s Union (RSU) and I have spent the past year volunteering with the Faculty of Arts, so I come bringing previous experience and skills to the team.

Getting involved on campus, no matter which group it was with, allowed me to grow and build my connections and skill set as a student and as a professional. There are so many opportunities and something out there for everyone. I’m a huge believer in personal growth and being a student volunteer/student leader is one of the best ways to achieve that. I strongly encourage you all to volunteer with the Faculty of Arts (shameless promo) and to seek out your opportunities!

Lastly I’ll be working out of the SET team Office this summer in POD344B, definitely come by and have a chat with me (you can come talk about the emotional roller-coaster NBA playoffs have been)!

Make Good Choices,

Marzia Riaz

ACS/SECT Student Life Advisor Assistant: Olivia Trojko

Olivia Trojko, 3rd Year ACS

Hey everyone! 

My name is Olivia Trojko and I am the new ACS/SECT Student Life Advisor Assistant at the Student Experience Centre. I am going into my third year of ACS with a major in Diversity and Equity, and a planned minor in Sociology! I am excited to be more involved in creating an amazing Orientation week and Enrollment workshop for the incoming students! At Ryerson, I have also been involved as the 2nd year representative for the ACS Program. I hope that in this role, I can get to know more fellow students and faculty! In my spare time I enjoy re-watching The Office and trying new vegan restaurants!

Some more extremely interesting facts about me:
Fav Artist/Bands: Rihanna, Fleetwood Mac
Fav Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You
Fav TV Show: Broad City
Fav Character from The Office: Dwight Schrute
Dream Job: Human Rights Lawyer
Random Fact: I was a rugby player throughout high school! (If anyone fancies a game of pick-up let’s get in touch).

Feel free to stop by my office (POD 344-B) to discuss any of these things or plan a game of pick-up rugby, or if you have any questions about the ACS program! Look forward to meeting you!
Olivia Trojko J

Friday, May 20, 2016

Volunteering During Orientation

Register Now
to become a 2016 Arts Orientation Volunteer

     The summer volunteer crew is a team of about 100 students from the various programs in the arts who work together to create a fun and welcoming space for incoming students. 

     Throughout the summer, we have social events at which the volunteer crew can get to know each other. There will be training workshops in July. There are opportunities to participate in other ways such as; calling incoming students to personally invite them to the Enrollment Workshops and Orientation, helping to make banners and signs for the major events and helping with other minor tasks throughout the summer. Our volunteers also get some bonus opportunities such as being invited to Central Orientation's Training weekend (which is a fun weekend spent with all the orientation volunteers across campus). 

     In early August we will have the Enrollment Workshops during which new students will come to campus and learn how to use RAMSS for the first time. Our volunteers help out while also being the first people to welcome the incoming class.

     On August 30th, we will hold our big Orientation Day events. We need YOU to help make it the best year yet!  

     If this sounds like a good time to you, please e-mail me so that we can get you registered as a volunteer! This will help us keep you up to date on the latest information about these opportunities. You can e-mail me at  

You can also get Enrollment and Orientation updates throughout the summer by connecting with us on social media. 
Twitter: @RUFacultyofArts
and here @ The Art of Life

We hope to hear from you soon! 
Your Arts Student Life Team! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Finally Done Finals?

So you're finally finished finals? 

You've suffered through those all nighters?

You have gotten through that blurry eyed phase when your computer screen has completely taken over your senses?

You are done with the hunger that rumbled in your belly when you forgot to eat because you were so busy reading and writing?

You have felt that sigh of relief as you wrote the last word or checked the last box on your final exam?

Perhaps you have even had time to rest up already (way to go!).

Now What??

Let us know what you're up to post-exams by sharing your #finishedfinals selfies in the comments or on facebook and twitter! Let's celebrate together!